January 2013 wrap up   1 comment

This thread is dedicated to the miniatures I didnt think were worthy of their own thread.  I might even have missed a couple miniatures that I did, but oh well.  Sorry guys you just arent that important.

SDKfz7 (1)

First up is the SdKfz 7.  This it the resin blister from Battlefront that comes with 2 vehicles.  I already has two painted for North Africa.  These will pull anti tank guns in Europe.

SDKfz7 (2) SDKfz7 (3)

I really want to get into modern gaming.  I have the miniatures or some at least.  I have the Force on Force ruleset and several supplements.  I just havent had the time to run with the mechanics of the game.  Something else always comes up 😦  Well this is a cell of 6 Taleban from Flashpoint miniatures to face off against my Peter Pig USMC and upcoming Khurasan and Rebel Minis US Rifles in multicam uniforms.


Here are my first 8 US Para for Bolt Action.  These figures are all from Warlord Games. I do have Artizan and BTD miniatures yet to base and paint.  Honestly, I am not sure why I am painting 28mm miniatures.  I plan on individually basing 15mm miniature to go with my already extensive collection of 15mm tanks to play the game with my collection of 15mm terrain.  Maybe, I will use them if I ever find a historical opponent out this way.  Plus they are something different to paint.

USParaBA (1)

USParaBA (4) USParaBA (3) USParaBA (2)


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  1. I really like your blog, it’s bursting with healthy wargaming energy!

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