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Khurasan Miniatures recently released a US Army modern range which currently includes M1A2 SEP tanks and US army figures with 2009+ kit all in 15mm scale.

M1A2SEPreview (1)

I want to be able to use the tank in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, so I left it in the NATO 3 ton camouflage scheme instead of the desert sand color we see many US vehicles these days.

M1A2SEPreview (2)

Vallejo didnt seem to have a good range for US Modern vehicles, so I went with Tamiya NATO colors.  Amazing paints to run through an airbrush.  I just added a little Tamiya thinner which I use on Vallejo paints and I zero issues with clogging.  Highly recommend these paints for the NATO colors.

M1A2SEPreview (3)

I became a bit more adventurous when it came to weathering.  On these tanks I used dry brushing of the hull in Vallejo Green Grey and the tracks with some craft store brown.  Seems the M1 tank tracks are always a brown or tan due to compression of the dirt into the track.    The new technique I attempted was using the AK interactive NATO rain marks.  I know you have all seen pictures of tanks and see the “white” streaks on the metal hull, well this product simulates this effect.  For a first attempt I think I like it a alot.  It applies very similar to the AK interactive grim streaks where you paint a line on and then use some white spirits to dilute the effect.

M1A2SEPreview (4) M1A2SEPreview (5)

My plan is to use these miniatures in a Force on Force game or perhaps some modified Flames of War modern list.  I figure I could proxy the tank as other variants of the M1 despite the fact that there is a tin can on the turret with sensors that the M1 and M1A1 do not have.

M1A2SEPreview (6) M1A2SEPreview (7)

The above two photos are the M1A2 SEP compared to the Quality Castings M1 which I purchased many years ago and repainted along with the M1A2 SEPs.

M1A2SEPreview (8)

The M1A2 SEP compared to the Battlefrotn M48A3 Patton


Several generations of tanks with the  M1A2 SEP, the Sherman M4A3E8, and the M48A3.  Almost makes me want to get the whole progression of US armor just for a cool photo shot.

M1A2SEPreview (15)

A M1A2 tank, HUMVEEs (Peter Pig USMC), and some USMC riflemen enter an Afghan town.

M1A2SEPreview (12)

Peter Pig HUMVEEs with the M1A2 SEP.  I will be repainting the HUMVEE with all the weathering.  I dont like the way it came out.  The other HUMVEE with the Mk19 grenade launchers is a work in progress.

The Good:

  • Very well detailed
  • light as it is mostly resin with a few white metal parts

The Meh:

  • minimal clean up just some removal of extra resin and some mold lines
  • No stowage and I was too lazy to green stuff some stowage

The Ugly:

  • The resin on one track was broken on one tank.
  • No crew figure.   I used a Battlefront Vietnam crew member

UStankcompare (2)

Head to head with a T55. Not exactly a fair match!   I have some more challenging opponents coming in the form of 5 QRF Russian T-80s with ERA.

UStankcompare (1)

A little comparison of some tanks.



The M1A2 System Enhancement Package (SEP V1) was introduced as part of a continuous upgrade path for M1A2 tanks. The kit introduced an armor enhancement in the form of a monolithic and composite armor, and compartmented storage for fuel and ammunition. The turbine engine was improved, to become true multi-fuel system. It uses digital control for optimal operation. The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) was moved under armor, protecting the tank’s power supply when at static positions.

The tank is fitted with second generation thermal imaging systems for the commander’s independent viewer (CITV) and gunner. The sight uses 2nd generation FLIR and is fully stabilized, enabling fire on the move capability in day or night. The driver has a wide-field-of-view thermal driver vision enhancer (DVE) for driving and situational awareness. Vetronics systems include enhanced GPS and inertial position/navigation system, driving a color, digital terrain map display. The tank also received an eyesafe laser rangefinder. Radios include SINCGARS and Enhanced Position/Location Reporting System (EPLRS) supporting tactical situational picture via the FBCB2 system. Systems on board are integrated via digital databus architecture. To improve maintenance, the tank is equipped with on-board malfunction detection system. Other elements in the SEP V1 program includes Pulse Jet Air System (PJS) enabling self-cleaning of the engine air filters, thermal management system In November and December 2006 The U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command awarded GDLS several contracts worth over US$800 million for M1A2SEP reset work, starting 2007 through 2009.

The Abrams Improved SEP (SEP V2) Reset program applies lessons learned from recent M1A2 Abrams SEP reset efforts and aims to bolster the reliability and durability of tanks emerging from the reset process. SEP V2 includes improved displays, sights, power, and a tank-infantry phone. It represents the most technologically advanced Abrams tank and can accommodate future technology improvements to ensure compatibility with the Army’s Future Combat Systems.


Defense Technology News

Khurasan Miniatures


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