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I seem to have a strange addiction… I like to collect StuG III G models.  Luckily, this addiction has only manifested its self in 15mm plus one 1/48 scale model that I have not assembled yet.  Whats next after 1/48 scale?  will it ever end?  Perhaps my wife can accept the fact that I can sell the house and buy a real working one.  Not sure she would be happy because, I wont be able to drop the kids off at school in it!

stugarmy (15)

The Sturmgeschütz was a German assault gun armed with a 75mm StuK 40 L48 gun and built on the Panzer III chasis.  This assault guns did not have a turret which significantly reduced the resources required to manufacture this AFV, but reduced its ability to fight on the battlefield.  Approximately 9,500 were produced and they accounted for well over 20,000 tank kills.

Stugarmy (1)

The tank company above is my latest effort and came about due to a good variety of cheap options to buy the StuG III.  This units has one metal Peter Pig (not cheap), 6 PSC  StuG IIIs, and 5 plastic BF StuG IIIs (most free from a Black Friday special) from the new Open Fire Boxset.  The theme of this Army is the Sturmgeschutz-Abteilung from the 2nd SS Panzer Division.

Stugarmy (3)

The Peter Pig model (above and below) is based on the earlier version of the StuG III.  It still has the gun shield and crew operated machine gun.  The gun also has the box shaped gun mantlet compared to the later  Saukopf rounded mantlet.

Stugarmy (2)

The model comes with stowage already molded onto the metal model.  It did not come with schurzen.  I could of added some extra ones I had laying around, but I thought the model looked great without it.  What are your thoughts?  if the model does not have schuerzen, yet the rules and cost of the model automatically assume there are schurzen… should players be allowed to roll the schurzen save?

Overall the Peter Pig model was easy to assemble.  Very little cleanup to remove flash.

Stugarmy (4)

The Battlefront plastic StuG assmebled very easily (Above).  I dont recall there being any clean up of the model beyond removing the sprue connections and maybe a mold line or two.  I did fill the hulls with BBs and elemers glue to hold them together.  It give the model enough weight that it doesnt feel like one could knock it across the room on accident.  I am very pleased with Battlefront first foray into plastic german models.   One thing I dont like is the tools on the deck are just too damn big.

Stugarmy (5)

Sorry for the dog hair in the photo.  My son’s husky leaves white hair on anything he touches.

Stugarmy (6) Stugarmy (7)

The Plastic Soldier Company model (2 above) does take significantly more work to assemble that the Battlefront model.  Perhaps another 10 minutes per model or more.   Once assembled the model is very well detailed.  I added BBs to the inside of this model too to give it more heft.  My biggest complaint with this model is the two piece main gun.  It bends and snaps off very easily.  I used some old metal box shaped gun and gun mantlet for a couple of the tanks.  I used BF crew for all of these tanks as I just didnt like the PSC crew options.


The basecoat and camouflage for the 2nd SS company was done by airbrush.

Stugarmy (8)

My first StuG Company below was all hand painted with some add camo scheme that I saw on the BF website.  I am not even sure I like it anymore.  My first thought was to just strip the tanks and repaint them and not buy the second company, but I was too lazy.  These models were painted at least 4 years ago before I had an airbrush.  The DARK AGES!!

Stugarmy (9) Stugarmy (10)

The models in this unit are from the BF StuG III box (the best StuG Model IMO), some BF blister StuG IIIs, and some Old Glory StuG IIIs which seem to fit right in with the Battlefront models.  The two photos above shows a model from the BF StuG box.  The photo below show an Old Glory Model

Stugarmy (12)

I used the original Open Fire StuGs to create a Soviet Decoy tank company.  To complete the company I added one of the new Open Fire StuG IIIs.  It has aerial recognition stripes on the top.

DecoyCompany (1) DecoyCompany (3) DecoyCompany (2)

A line up of all the different models of StuGs:

StuGcompare1 StuGcompare2

I still have a few PSC StuGs in the box and a couple extra plastic BF models.  Not sure what to do with them.  I could make the PSC into the StuG F8 model.  I really dont want to be tempted into making a Finnish army… dont twist my arm please!

Next big group of tanks is a second company of Panzer IV Hs from PSC and a couple models from Peter Pig.  I have a love /hate relationship with my first company.  I hated putting on the BF schurzen and knowing the all the models took a nose dive off my car into my drive way back in 2008.  They were shattered.  I also dont like the paint job.  However, they were some of my first models.  Perhaps I will repaint them one day.  Need to find a theme army and camo scheme for them.

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  1. Great side-by side comparison of figures from different sources. I think this is the best way to help everybody in the hobby understand what is available out there in 15 mm figures. (God knows I would have avoided some of the hobby stuff I’ve bought in the past had I read a review of it first.) I just finished up a comparison of nine sources of 15 mm Sd Kfz 251s myself, and was going to tackle the StuG III but you stole a march on me!

    I too used BBs to add weight when I assembled my Plastic Soldier Company StuG IIIs exactly the same reason. Have you looked at all at converting a Zvezda early StuG to a StuG III by any chance? I’m thinking I may have a crack at that to see how it turns out.

  2. Very well done on your review. I think i will update this post to include some of the factors such as cost and size in the near future. I did something similar with the Sherman tank over the summer. I plan on creating a page to list product comparisons.

    I have not looked at converting any StuG at the moment as I am considering making some StuG A. I already have the BF one. I have a couple extra PSC StuGs that will be made into StuG F8 probably as I really dont need any more StuG IIIs

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