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I finally completed the Regiment by adding the GMB Flags.  The flags are absolutely beautiful!  I had to remove the plastic flag staves as they were too short for the GMB flags.  On this regiment I tried to drill holes in the hands to hold the flags.  In both cases the hands broke off.  I later found it easier to carve out the inside of the hand to sit the flag stave.

33rd Regiment (1)

I am not entirely satisfied with my paint job on this Regiment.  I might have to revisit later.  For now I think they are good enough to be played and the flags add alot to the regiment.  My biggest problem with the paint job is apply a wash to the white parts of the models.  I have started using a bit more Army Painter Dip soft tone and it looks better on some of my other regiments.

33rd Regiment (3) 33rd Regiment (4)

Original Post

I told myself I would not venture into another time period this year.  I didnt make a resolution or anything like that, but I figured given my current pile of lead soldiers I wouldn’t have time.  It was this big stack of Perry Miniatures AWI British Infantry at Brookhurst hobbies that enticed me.  I had been fooling around with idea of picking some Peter Pig 15mm AWI infantry just for fun, but always managed to put them back.  Not this time.  I got them home and assembled them unlike my Perry Bros. Napoleonic British Infantry which sit unassembled in their box after 3 years.

AWIPerryBrits (4)

I have to admit these Perry plastics are very well done and come with quite a few options to give the game a good variety of choices such as three types of hats and 2 different ways to carry rifles.  I didnt even know there were three different types of hats during the AWI.  I had always assumed they all wore the tricorn hat.  Well come to find out most didn’t!!  That is one of the things I love about miniature wargaming and my desire to know more about history.  Wargaming helps me feed and reinforce my need to know more.

AWIPerryBrits (5)

I assembled the first batch of infantry as the 33rd Regiment of Foot.  They have red facings on a red jacket.  I also had to have the tricorn.  The unit strength is 24 although the most you will ever need is 18 in the rule set British Grenadier.  One thing  to understand about the AWI British infantry box is that there are 38 miniatures including 2 casualties.  All that for $30.  One cannot beat that, so I ordered three more!!  The box includes 1 officer, 1 drummer, 2 ensigns, and 2 NCOs (they have sashes).

AWIPerryBrits (3)

The 33rd Regiment of Foot had a good reputation for professionalism as one of the best regiments in the British Army at the time. The 33rd Regiment of Foot saw action at quite a number of battles (one of the  reasons I choose them) such as Long Island, Fort Washington, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Camden, Guilford Courthouse and Yorktown.

AWIPerryBrits (2)

I tried to vary the colors of the jackets to represent wear.  Dyes in the 18th century were not as durable as they are today.  I actually used 5 different reds, but some of the vallejo and citadel reds matched so well you couldnt see the difference.  Models are primed white, a dark red base coat on the jacket, a brighter red applied (except one), details painted in, and then I tried the army painter soft tone dip.  Its not bad at all.  The strong is way too much.  I am horrible at painting eyes and faces, so I just used a sepia was for the face.

AWIPerryBrits (1)

I still have figured out what to do about flags.  The box comes with some generic flags, but there are a couple sites such as GMB and Flag Dude which produce high quality flags.  Warflag has them for free, just need to print out.    The figures are based individually to give me maximum flexibility in rules.  Currently, I plan on trying Black Powder, British Grenadier, and Muskets and Tomahawks (Skirmish)

AWIPerryBrits (6)

Next up, I am plan on finishing 6 grenadiers from the 33rd Foot.  These miniatures are from Fife & Drum.  Great looking miniatures and Jim has excellent service.

AWIPerryBrits (7)

Update:  The completed Grenadiers from the 33rd Foot

May AWI progress (6)

I also have three additional regiments on the table using the plastic.  I plan on having the 23rd Foot (white plume, blue facings, and fusiliers), 63rd Foot (Green facings), and the 9th Foot (yellow facings). Above you can see the start.

AWIPerryBrits (8)

Hopefully, I can paint like a madman the next month, so I can start on the continentals.  Goal is to have at least 5 continental regiments this year.  I will probably have enough miniatures for 10 British regiments given what I have and what is in the mail.

Update on some of the progress to date.  I will make a separate post for each regiment when I complete them

May AWI progress (5) May AWI progress (7)

I was able to get a few continentals completed just to get an idea on how to paint them.  The drummer guy from Perry Miniatures had a strange looking, alien face, so I compensated for it by painting eyes and lips.  Like I have said before I kind of suck at faces, but it is better than the alien looking face.

May AWI progress (3) May AWI progress (2) May AWI progress (1)


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