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1st Pennsylvania (3)

Lt. Col Edward Hand wanted to instill pride in the 1st Continental Regiment when he took over.  The regiment was procure new uniforms and a silk standard.  This was the senior regiment of the army.

The uniforms were to be short military style coats with red facings.  However, the uniforms were captured with the Fall of Ft. Lee in November, 1776.

As a result the troops wore the hunting shirt typical of the frontiersmen.

I really like the painting from Don Troiani’s Soliders of the American Revolution which depicts soldiers and the standard of this regiment.  This was the inspiration for this regiment which is 16 figures strong.

1st Pennsylvania (2)

The regiment was involved in battles at:

  • Quebec
  • Harlem Heights
  • Boston
  • Monmouth
  • White Plains
  • Bergen Neck against the Iroquois
  • Yorktown

1st Pennsylvania (1)

By January 1780 much of the continental army had suffered hard service, poor pay, crappy food, equipment shortages The First Pennsylvania joined the  mutiny at Morristown, New Jersey.  The mutiny ultimately failed and resulted in many of the men of the Pennsylvania Line receiving their discharges.  This pretty much destroyed the regiment.  As a result, the Pennsylvania regiments were combined into three battalions.

1st Pennsylvania (4)

The figures are a mix of Perry metal figures and Fife & Drum.  The flag is from GMB.


First Continental Regiment of Foot


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