3rd Battalion of Grenadiers (American War of Independence)   Leave a comment

The British Grenadier uniform is one of the most iconic pictures from the American War of Independence.  The bearskin head gear is the symbol of a grenadier.  Each regiment had an elite company of grenadiers and light infantry.  During the Revolutionary War, the British Army formed elite battalions of grenadiers consisting of companies from several regiments.  Typically the senior regiment would lead the battalion.

3rd Grenadier (1)

The 3rd Battalion of Grenadiers was formed from the 15th (yellow), 28th (yellow), 33rd (red), 37th (yellow), 46th (yellow), 54th (green), and 57th (yellow) regiments.

My current plan is to create a 24 strong grenadier battalion and then eventually increase it to 32 figures.

  • 15th Regiment 4 figures
  • 28th Regiment 2 Figures
  • 33rd Regiment 6 Figures
  • 37th Regiment 2 figures
  • 46th Regiment 4 figures
  • 54 Regiment 4 figures
  • 57th Regiment 2  figures

3rd Grenadier (3)

The figures are from Fife & Drum Miniatures and will be in the marching formation.

3rd Grenadiers (1)

I am slowly painting this unit as I try to throw a couple grenadiers in with other figures to keep the painting interesting.  As it stands now, I have 12 done and 4 nearly done.

3rd Grenadiers (5)

3rd Grenadiers (2)

I have also finished my first British General.  He is also from Fife & Drum Miniatures

British General 2 (2) British General 2


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