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One of my miniature dreams is to collect several modern (1980s +) armies with the goal of having a company or skirmish level battle.  I am not sure on which rule set would be the most viable.  I like FOW because I know the rules and it can be applied to modern vehicles.  However, I do have Force on Force and some modern forces already based for that game.  Plus there are probably a number of alternatives.  These are my first modern Russian miniatures.  I bought the T80 with ERA to compliment the Abrams tanks that I already have.

Russian T80 15mm (1)

The models are from QRF‘s extensive 15mm modern range.

Russian T80 15mm (3)

The models are all metal.  The main armament is a 125mm smoothbore gun which can fire conventional rounds or ATGMs.  They come with a number of bits that are added on the turrets and provide a degree of customization, optional external fuel drums, optional shields for the 12.7 mm commanders AA gun, and log used for extremely muddy conditions.

Russian T80 15mm (4)

Overall the model had a little bit of flash to be removed and cleaned up very well.  The only downsides to the model is the lack of a tank commander figure and the gun shield was a pain to sit on the model.

Russian T80 15mm (5)

I went for a modern (2000+) paint scheme with green, tan, and grey.  On the next batch of Russians I might try a darker green as this green seems to be too close to a medium green.

Russian T80 15mm (2)

When I order these T80s, I also bought a BMP1 from Quality Castings off the War Web.  Its a good looking and accurate model with the 73mm gun and ATGM launcher.  I will need to pick up some more to complete a mechanized company.

Russian T80 15mm (9) Russian T80 15mm (8)

The T80 has a low profile and it pretty compact when compared to these Battlefront models (IS2 and King Tiger)

Russian T80 15mm (6)

The T80 also has a lower profile when compared to this Khurasan M1A2 SEP Abrams MBT.  The Abrams is a beast!!

PanzerWarrior over on the WWPD forums has started a project to adapt FOW to modern era tanks.  I thought I would throw some dice and see how these adversaries would stack up.

Russian T80 15mm (11)

The main battle tanks use the following stats created by PanzerWarrior.

Tank Stats

The 4 x M1A1s and 5x T80s were placed about 48 inches apart.  On the first round I had the forces stay stationary.  Initially, the soviets got some lucky dice and were able to bail a couple M1A1s.  Given the current stats for the T80 it can only hope to bail a M1A1 with a frontal shot.  The tank will have to maneuver to the side of the Abrams to get the lucky shot in.

The ERA save for the T80 tank is a god send and saved the tanks on over 50% of the failed armor saves.  I took the ERA save right before a firepower test. I did it for both bailed hits and penetrating hits.  Perhaps I shouldnt have done it for bailed hits, but that adds more complexity to the rolls.   The Russians finally relented on Turn 5 and failed a platoon moral check.  The Americans only got one kill on turn 4 which forced the platoon morale check due to very horrible dice… failing almost all firepower tests.

The second round of testing had the Americans become (CV) and the Russians would maneuver or attempt to.  The models were placed 48 inches apart which is the max range of the weapons.  On both rounds I did not use the +1 modifier for range on hits or armor.  My basis is that these weapons platforms are both designed to kill at distance and have optics designed to over come this rule which is aptly designed for technology of the Second World War.

This round the Russians were able to get 13 hits over 3 turns, but no bails.  The Americans were able to get 12 hits in the first three turns which resulted in 1 bail and 4 kills.  The M1A1s then overwhelmed the remaining bailed T80 on the 4th turn with 4 hits resulting in the kill.


Observation from this playtesting

1.  ERA armor is a very good save with a 50% chance.  It helps equalize the two sides

2.  The Russian T80 has no hope given the current stats on a frontal attack.  The American player just needs to sit there and knock out the Russians.

3.  Need to try the match up with 3x Abrams vs.  5 x T 80s.  Three or perhaps only 2 Abrams might be the equivalent of 5 T80s.  4 M1A1s just overwhelmed the T80s.

4.  Perhaps I use the range modifier for both hits and armor saves.  It might help the survivability of the Russians, but it will eliminate their ability to even bail an Abrams over 16 inches.

5.  I did not try the ATGM from the T80.  I dont think it would have made any difference.


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  1. Good stuff, if you like 15mm Cold War stuff have a look at my Blog. http://stoppingtheredtide.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. What were the colors you used on the Russian Tanks?

  3. And then vallejo dark yellow or middle stone for the yellowish color. The grey is tamiya NATO grey.

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