Panzer Company: Panzer IV H 2nd SS Das Reich   Leave a comment

This is my second Panzer IV H company.  I felt compelled to pick up two boxes of Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs.  I supplemented the PSC with two Peter Pig Panzer IV.

PamzerIVHcompany (4)

As a side note and the justification to allow me to buy a second Panzer IV company… my original Panzer IV company hit the driveway back in 2008 and were shattered.  They never felt the same again, so I had to have another!!

PamzerIVHcompany (3)

I completed a number of Panzer IVs for the Panzer IV comparison post.

PamzerIVHcompany (10) PamzerIVHcompany (5)

The new Panzer IV company was started last summer and I finally had the time to complete them in July.

PamzerIVHcompany (2)

Here are the two Peter Pig models:

PamzerIVHcompany (6)

This one was not previewed in the Panzer IV comparison.

PamzerIVHcompany (7) PamzerIVHcompany (8) PamzerIVHcompany (9)




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