WWPD Operation Overlord: Fighting Withdrawal at St. Pierre Eglise   Leave a comment

StPierre (1)

Situation Report:

Elements of the 4th ID and 24th Cavalry Squadron are performing a reconnaissance in force in the area of St. Pierre Eglise as part of the drive on Cherbourg.

Kampfgruppe Rohrbach is providing a defensive screen for the remnants of the 709th Infanterie Division.

Intelligence Report:

United States Army




Turn 1

US Forces use their overwhelming air superiority to fly observations planes over the battlefield.  A lucky pilot observed 3 StuG assault guns assembling nearby St Pierre and called in 155mm artillery for devestating effect.

StPierre (7)

Ost Grenadiers open up on a recon jeep.  Amazingly, the jeep escapes all the fire and is only pinned down.  Jeep pulls back next turn only to be caught up in artillery fire, but survives the game.

StPierre (8)

Turn 2

AOP brings calls in counter battery fire on the German heavy guns.  No Effect.

StPierre (9)

Pak 40 amubush… one blazing Sherman and one bailed.  The Americans might think again about coming this way.

StPierre (13)

StPierre (12)

Turn 3

US force infantry push forward

StPierre (14)

Germans lose support from the 10.5 cm field artillery battery

Turn 4

US artillery wipes out the Pak 40 platoon (KILL)

German side lose support from the 15.5 cm battery

German mortar fire halts the US advance on the right

StPierre (17)

Counter attack by the lone StuG causes chaos in the US rear destroying two 105mm guns.


Turn 5

German side loses support of the mortar battery.

US Shermans arrive to protect the rear.  8 shots against the StuG using stabilizers results in one penetrating hit.

Last remaining StuG lights up. (KILL)

StPierre (18)

Turn 6

US Infantry makes first assault against German lines… killing 4 teams and routing the unit.  (KILL)

StPierre (19)

US infantry hesitates to push forward right after their success seeing a well entrenched unit in the next hedgerow

StPierre (20)


Turn 7

First Platoon makes a successful assault through the center albeit with heavy casualities.  Germany commander killed!

StPierre (21)

AOP maintains pressure from above.

StPierre (22)

US armor puts pressure on the left.

StPierre (26)

Werhmacht 2nd platoon routs (KILL)

The remaining Germans concede the battle to the Americas as a flood of infantry pushed through

StPierre (23)

StPierre (28)

Allied Victory 6:1


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