WWPD Operation Overlord: Le Desert 3rd Armored vs. Das Reich   Leave a comment

My son, Andrew,  was itching for a tank battle after the last three were majority infantry.  The 3rd Armor did encounter the 2nd SS “Das Reich” at Le Desert during the Normandy Campaign.

Le Desert (1)

Situation Report:

Elements of the 3rd Armored Division are pushing the ring around St Lo further out as the infantry slowly strangles the German defenders.

Das Reich has been tasked with breaking through the American noose at St Lo to save the gallant defenders.

Intelligence Report

3rd armored


Das Reich

Turn one

BY default the 3rd Armored gets to be the attacker, however Andrew and I rolled to see who would go first.  It sorta makes sense given the aggressive nature of most SS Panzer Divisions.  3rd Armored started first and broke through the hedgerows into the center of the map.  The map was more open than usual and ideal for a tank slug match.  The map is based off the google image of Le Desert, France.

Le Desert (4)

The Army Air Corps comes in with full force (3 planes) this turn.  I was hoping I could at least have one plan survive the AA fire.  It did not work out.

Le Desert (2)

US tankers did get the first kill and two bails.

Le Desert (3)

The German panzers reciprocated with 2 kills and a bail.

Le Desert (5) Le Desert (6)

The game now turned into a tank slug match.  It was a nice change from the infantry matches.

Current Kill score 2 Sherman; 1 Panzer IV

Turn 2

I pushed some Sherman tanks into close range and was able to get one kill and two more bails.  I pushed the tank platoon on my far left to come around from behind the Germans.

However, the Germans retaliated with one kill on the advanced platoon and bailed my CO.

Le Desert (7)

Kill Score 3 Sherman; 2 Panzer IV

Turn 3

Another Panzer IV burns, but the Germans hit the US 3rd Armored hard.  The Panzer IVs had bad luck, but the Pumas were the starts.  They bailed two Shermans from the center tank platoon forcing a moral check.  They fail!!

Le Desert (8)

Kill Score:  6 Sherman; 3 Panzer IV

Turn 4

Retribution!  Air power successfully kills one Puma and the tank platoon on the far left comes into play and kills the second.

Le Desert (10)

Germans kill one more Sherman from my right platoon.

Kill Score:  7 Sherman; 3 Panzer IV; 2 Puma

Turn 5

Andrew realized the threat to his right flank and peels off a panzer platoon to deal with the Shermans.  This takes a lot of pressure off the tanks remaining on my right.

One Sherman and one Panzer IV are lost this turn.  However, he bails three Shermans from the tank platoon on the US left.

Le Desert (12) Le Desert (15)

Air power attempts to kill some panzer grenadiers.  One plane is a pain with the reroll to hits.  The P47 came back in turn 7 and killed one team!!

Le Desert (14)

Kill Score:  8 Sherman; 4 Panzer IV; 2 Puma

Turn 6

I had one tank that has been bogged down since turn one.  I rolled the skill check, but subsequently failed the bog again.  It finally gets free on Turn 7.

Le Desert (9)


The US now had only three operational tanks on both sides.  Sensing the kill, the Germans mount an attack against the US right flank bailing two tanks.

Kill Score:   8 Sherman; 4 Panzer IV; 2 Puma

Turn 7

The US rallies 3 tanks on the right flank making 2 kills.  One German Platoon destroyed.  The tanks on the left flank rally and push toward the German tanks, harassing the panzergrenadiers on the way.

Le Desert (16)

Le Desert (17)

Kill Score:  8 Sherman; 6 Panzer IV; 2 Puma

Turn 8

The Americans get a lucky shot and kill the German CO.

At this point, the Germans had only 2 active tanks and one bailed (bailed for three turns).  They knock out one Sherman and stormtrooper out of the way!


Le Desert (19)

Kill Score:  9 Sherman; 7 Panzer IV; 2 Puma

Turn 9 (very compressed)

The US push hard and kill one more Panzer IV from the rear on Turn 9.  Germans unbail the Panzer that had been out since Turn 5.  Knock out two Sherman tanks from the rear and cause a bail.  The platoon fails its morale check.  This is the second platoon destroyed.

Kill Score:  14 Sherman; 8 Panzer IV; 2 Puma

Turn 10

3rd Armored kills the last two Panzera in a live or die battle!

Le Desert (20)


The killing blow from the rear!

Le Desert (21)


The US commander had been bailed since Turn 6.

Le Desert (22)


US victory 4:3

It was a close one!


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