WWPD Operation Overlord: Battle for St. Lo   Leave a comment

We have had a marathon gaming session this week.  1 game Friday and two games on Saturday.  Only one more day left for the WWPD campaign

BattleStLo (1)

Situation Report

The US Second Armored Division has been tasked with preventing Panzer Lehr from breaking into the city of St Lo.

Panzer Lehr has been tasked with securing a conduit to St Lo to resupply the defenders.

Intelligence Report


Turn 1

US armor moves fast to head off the German Panzers.

BattleStLo (2)

BattleStLo (3)

Turn 2

US Armor scores the first kill.  German morale is hit hard.

BattleStLo (4)

Panzer Lehr Strikes back!  3 kills.  Andrew rolled 8 dice and got 5 x 5s and 1x 6.  I was able to save 3 of the six hits.

US platoon routs!  XO stays behind as the last defender.  (he probably should have left with the routing platoon, but I dont recall the rules)

BattleStLo (5)

Turn 3

Another Panzer burns.

BattleStLo (8)

The XO dies in a blaze of Glory or not!

BattleStLo (6)

More Shermans light up on the right flank.

BattleStLo (7)

Turn 4.

US right flank kills another Panzer

BattleStLo (9)

German Players pushed for the objective.

BattleStLo (12)

Turn 5.

German Victory 6 to 1

BattleStLo (11)




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