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Happy New Years!  I know I am two months late.  I have been painting I promise 🙂  I was sucked back into World of Warcraft for a few months, but I was able to remove those shackles in December and get back to painting.  The first unit was a continental regiment in brown coats with red facings.  I believe a number of the New England regiments wore something similar.  In general my continental armies are meant to be generic regiments and not specific such as my British regiments.

Continental (2)

The above regiment was painted in December, so it will not count toward my 2013 goals.  They are mostly metal Perry Miniatures.

The next regiment is wearing the stereo typical blue coats with red facings.  They are from the Fife & Drum miniature line.

Continental (1)

Another Fife & Drum regiment is below.  Many of the Southern regiments wore white hunting shirts

Continental (3)

Their Colonel

Continental (4)

A couple other Continental Officers

Continental (5) Continental (6)

I have been able to complete a couple more British Regiments.  First Regiment is the 9th Regiment of Foot.  They are the Perry Plastics models

9th Regiment of Foot

The second regiments is the 63rd Regiment of Foot.  Again they are the Perry Plastics models

63rd Regiment of Foot

Here is a new British officer on mount.  He is painted to reflect the 23rd Regiment of foot


Next up are some Native Americans.  They are from the Warlord French and Indian Wars box set.



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