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SITREP: Royal Engineers have just completed the Bailey bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal and XXX Corps tanks are standing by to continue to Nijmegen.  However, elements of the 107th Panzer Brigade are attempting to cut the road at the new bridge in an effort to stall the Market Garden offensive.


Mission:  Hold the line

Son Bridge Battlefield


506th PIR


As German forces advance on the bridge, the RAF scores the first kill.

First blood

The RAF were able to harass the German mortars.  A combination of unlucky die rolls and the reduction of two mortar teams makes this platoon ineffective for the game.  Hitting dug in veteran infantry is extremely difficult in Flames of War.


Knowing that rules of engagement.  The German Commander (Jason) pushed his Panthers hard to close the gap between the forces, but keep out of range of the bazookas on the opposite bank.  Germans attempt to soften up the 506th at the bridge through direct fire from the Panthers and the unlucky mortars.  The Fallschirmjager platoon was ordered to push through the woods and attack the flank.  However, the American Commander (Brad) countered this with his reinforcements on turn 3.

The infantry forces in the wooded area became a stalemate with only pot shots being made.


XXX Corps tanks finally arrive and push forward to engage the Panthers.  They were able to bail on tank.  However, the British Sherman tanks evaporated under the Panther fire on the next turn with 3 tanks destroyed and one running off the battlefield.


Astonished at the destruction of his tank platoon, Brad finally unleashed his 57mm guns hidden in ambush.  They score two kills.

Ambush (2)


After seeing his Panthers on the right flank burn and realizing that command was calling (it was getting late), Jason pushed his remaining Panther across the bridge for a final assault to dislodge the defenders.  The 506th lost two more teams (platoon was now over 50% casualties) .  However, they rallied under the pressure of the Panther attack and destroyed one tank by bazooka and one with a Gammon bomb!  The German Commander realized at this point he had better regroup for another attack along Hell’s Highway.

Assault on bridge Assault on bridge (2)

This was the first FOW game since I moved to Italy.  Brad had played once many years ago in Australia and this was the first time for Jason.  Overall, it was a great game and followed historical results.  The Germans were driven off by a platoon of 57mm guns from the 327th Glider Regiment.


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  1. LOL. I loved playing this (I’m Brad). I had not played since Sidney, Australia ~ 2002/3 or so. I had a 45 minute demo game. Thought about it, decided not to because it was too expensive. Now there might be an opponent or two in the area and I’m happy about that. The player Jason had a hard row to hoe on this one and die were rather kind to me.

    Bradley Kinser
  2. Lol that bridge looks like a death trap. Nice battle report and terrain. I like the Typhoon especially the blue cabin.

  3. It required a bit of luck to capture that bridge. Unfortunately, luck was not on the German side. The mortars failed to do anything. 12cm mortars are great for digging out infantry when the “God” of dice rolls is on your side 🙂

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