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I admit I have been lazy with respect to not posting, but I have been painting furiously.

Bolt Action (8)

I am slowly working on a number of Bolt Action armies.  My AWI Regiments have priority at the moment and I will post later when I get the flags from GMB in the post.  Bolt Action armies I am working on:

  1. US Paratroopers (Technically complete, but I keep adding more!)
  2. SS Panzer Grenadiers
  3. Fallschirmjager platoon (25% complete)
  4. USMC infantry
  5. US Infantry/ Rangers
  6. Japanese Infantry
  7. Russian Infantry

Warlord Resin Panther A – Easy to assemble.  Not much clean up.  Looks great.  I had to drill a hole for a magnet.

Bolt Action (2) Bolt Action (1)

Here is the 28mm Panther next to its 15mm little brother

Bolt Action (3)

Warlord Resin Sherman M4A2 (USMC) – Again an easy model to assemble and paint.  Will need to get a M4A3 76mm next.

Bolt Action (5) Bolt Action (4)

Warlord StuG III G – Kit makes a well built gaming model, but it doesnt come with the MG42 and shield

Bolt Action (6)


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  1. Very nice😀

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