200th anniversary of Waterloo and what can be better than starting a whole new collection   Leave a comment

I could not stop myself from being pulled into another period of miniatures.  What better period than the most grandiose!

Napoleonic Painting

I didnt just dabble in Napoleonics… I went big! (but with a new scale for me 6mm)

I believe I have enough miniatures for Austerlitz.  There must be three corps of French Infanty, 2 Corps of cavalry, and artillery.  Not to mention a simila number of Austrians and Russians plus a few British and Prussians.

My biggest issue Is that I knew nothing about the period going into it.  I picked Austerlitz (1805) as the battle I was going to build to, but I ended up buying miniatures from Baccus and Adler based on 1809 and later uniforms.

I will use the Blucher Ruleset for gaming at this scale.  I even bought some 28mm Perry British Infantry, French Infantry, and French Hussars.

Napoleonic French

French Regiments of Line infantry.  Each base can represent a regiment or brigade.  I will use two combined together to make a brigade for Blucher.

Napoleonic Old Guard

The majority of the infantry are Baccus.  Very easy to paint..  The larger miniatures are Adler and those are Old Guard Grenadiers

NAP Cavalry

Adler French Cavalry

NAP Red Lancers

Red Lancers from the Imperial Guard

NAP Old Guard Cheval

Grenadiers a Cheval from the Imperial Guard

NAP Empress Dragoons

Impress Dragoons from the Imperial Guard

NAP Dragoons

The two regiments above represent the 15th and 17th Dragoons.  They are from Baccus.

NAP French Arillery

French Artillery.  The blue is not that bright under normal lighting conditions.


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