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Why do I need a third scale for ACW?  I haven’t even finished my 15mm yet!!!  Another question I have to ask myself, is why cannot I get focused into finishing ACW armies.

I will use 15mm for RF&F, 28mm for Black Powder or Longstreet, and 6mm for Altar of Freedom.

I want to find the right scale to fight Shiloh.  6mm might be just right.  I have painted a few 6mm regiments to date.  I am lazy with flag on all my miniatures.  I have them, but I cannot get motivated to put them on. 😦

I just need to tackle the inner demon and finish one scale.  My blue Moon 18mm look great as do the Perry Plastics.

All miniatures below are Baccus

ACW Baccus (2) ACW Baccus ACW Baccus Parrot


Posted May 31, 2015 by shermon15 in American Civil War, Baccus

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