American War of Independence – Mid year update   Leave a comment

Progress has been steady but slow over the last year on my AWI collection.  Word of warning… no flag as I have been LAZY!  I have beautiful GMB flags, but I keep putting it off.AWI paintingI have added two regiments of the infamous Hessian mercenaries to my collection.

AWI Rall Regiment AWI Rall Regiment (2)Rall Grendaters from Perry Miniatures

AWI Knyphausen RegimentKnyphausen Fussilers from Perry Minatures.  Their mitre cap is shoter than the grenadiers and they have black facings.


AWI 71st Regiment

The 71st Regiment of Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders)  This is one of two battalions I am working on.  The second battalion will have tartan trews.  Both Regiments are King’s Mountain Miniatures.

AWI KingsLoyalAmericans

A loyalist regiment in Green coats.  This represents the King’s Loyal Americans.  Models are Perry Plastic.Continentals

AWI RoyalArtillery

Royal Artillery with a 6 pounder gun.  The horse is meant to carry the 3 pounder gallup gun, but I have no other limbers yet.  I have two Royal artillery crews and two Continental artillery crews. Mix of Fife & Drum and Perry Miniatures.

AWI 17th Dragoons

These are the new Fife & Drum 17th Dragoons from Jim’s kickstarter project.  On my desk I still have a unit of Tarelton, 16th Dragoons, 1st Continental Dragoons, and the 3rd Continental Dragoons.

AWI NYcontinental

Perry Plastic Continentals… this represents a NY regiment in the 1779 uniform.  I included 4 light infantry just to add variety.

AWI Continental

Another brown coated continental regiment or highly organized militia.  Typically, my continental line regiments have bayonets fixed whereas militia do not.

AWI Over the Mountain

King’s Mount Miniatures Over the Mountain Men.  Represent a western militia force.  Could use for Muskets and Tomahawks.

AWI SouthernMilitia

Perry miniatures Southern Continental/ militia regiment.  My objective was to represent a North Carolina regiment with a less formal look.


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