Flames of War Modeling – Mid Year update   1 comment

I have completed a number of FOW units this year.  The big one being the 5th Gebirgsjager Company.  I should have added beards to my miniatures!!

Gebirgsjager Photo

You know I needed another German Infantry Company to compliment that 10 or more companies I have.

  • Headquarters with and without panzerfaust plus a panzerschreck
  • 3 Jager Platoons
  • 1 Engineer Platoon
  • 1 Scout Platoon
  • 1 81mm Mortar Platoon
  • 1 HMG Platoon
  • 1 15 cm Infantry gun unit
  • 75mm Artillery Battery

FOW Gebirgsjager (11)

That is them all fit snugly inside their box.

FOW Gebirgsjager (1)

81mm mortarsFOW Gebirgsjager (2) FOW Gebirgsjager (3) FOW Gebirgsjager (4)

HMG teams

FOW Gebirgsjager (5)

75mm mountain guns

FOW Gebirgsjager (6)

15cm infantry guns to dig stubborn enemies out.

FOW Gebirgsjager (7)


FOW Gebirgsjager (8)


FOW Gebirgsjager (9)


FOW Gebirgsjager (10)

Command teams

I have also completed several other FOW projects this year.

  • 3x M26 Pershings (forgot to take photo)
  • Jadgtiger (forgot to take the photo)
  • 2 KV-2s
  • 2x A7V German tanks

FOW KV2FOW WW1 A7VI completed the WW1 British army box last year.  I just bought a second box for $50.  I need to finish the Germans at some point this year. 


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  1. Loving the 15cm infantry guns😀

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