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Taking a break from historical wargaming and zombicide, we broke out Star Wars Armada.  Originally, I was going to host a Battleaxe battle, but I found I need to do some homework before we attempt that battle.  I have no idea how to use a desert fort.  So instead of doing something with our significant others, we elected to attempt Star Wars Armada.  Of course we had to compliment our game with some high quality Belgian beer.  Affligem is by far my favorite Belgian.  The triple is best, but the blonde is really good on a hot a summer night.  Unfortunately, I dont have an Afflifem glass, so I apologize to my fellow beer drinkers.

Armada (1)

We elected to go with the beginner tutorial.  I have the whole wave 1 and I think we will attempt that next time.

Armada (4)

One of my takeaways from the intro game is that the Imperial player really needs at least two Star Destroyers to prevent or reduce the impact of an end run.

Armada (2)

As you can see above, my strategy as the rebel player was to flank the star destroyer.  I kicked the corvette up to max speed.  The Star Destroyer hesitated enough for me to get both ships around to the sides.

Armada (3)

The imperial strategy of using a swarm tactic with the Tie Fighters panned out during the first dog fight.  Both X wing Squadrons were destroyed at the cost of two Tie Fight squadrons.  Everyone else find tie fighters so delicate?  I know they are supposed to be in the movies.

Armada (5)

The Nebulon B and the SD basically targeted each other for the match.  I did accidently run the Nebulon B a little too outside of range of the SD and lost a number of turns of damage.  I almost ran off the board!  This allowed the SD to regain shields. from the damage caused by the Corvette.

Armada (7) Jason attached my last two squadrons of X wings with four squadrons of Tie Fighters.  I got lucky with the dice and was able to destroy all the Tie Fighters with only a few hull points lost.

Armada (8)

By this time the Belgian beer had run dry, so we had to substitute some German beer.  Above you can see the Nebulon B matching speed and direction with the SD.  The Corvette had over shot.  At least the Corvette is easy to recover from maneuver mistakes.

Armada (10)

Toward the end of the night I had both my ships hitting the SD hard on one side with two squadrons of X Wngs.  Jason was able to knock out one more squadron of X Wings before we called it.  We called it at this point to finish our beer, BS, and discuss how best to use the ships.  Plus we planned out having a Pathfinder Card Game: Skull and Bones game the next night.  I have the base game and played a lot in California.   My daughter and I really enjoy the system.

Overall, I think the feel of the Star Wars Armada game.  Having less defensive checks helped speed up the game.  I wonder if X Wing would work like that?  Like I said early, the Empire needs at least two SD.  I like keeping the game simple. and it ended up being a great Beer and pretzels game.


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