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Seelow T341

I had the privilege to travel with my command on a Staff Ride to visit the battlefields associated with the Seelow Heights and the Battle of Berlin.  The Navy never had staff rides and it was an amazing experience to attend one as a civilian.

For my first FOW game since arriving in Germany in September, I decided it was fitting to try a portion of the Seelow Heights.  The AAR represents the battle near Reich Strasse 1 pitting the 20th Panzer Grenadier Division against the 1st Belorussian Front commanded by Zhukov.

Below pictures from the Seelow Heights

I used the Flames of War ruleset as the basis for the game mechanics, but I totally abandonded any points or FOW specific armies.  I basically put every Soviet infantry, artillery, and T34/85 I owned plus a few more I had to buy against 2 companies of German Panzer Grenadiers with artillery, AA, and some tanks.

Map of the Battle


A quick list of the units in the game:

  • Strelkovy Batalon with 3 companies
  • SMG Batalon with 2 companies
  • Sapper Company
  • Sapper Batalon with 2 companies
  • Tankovy Batalon with 2 companies of T34/85 (19 tanks)
  • Tankovy Batalon with 2 companies of T34/85 (19 tanks)
  • Tankovy company with 10 IS 2 tanks
  • Soviet 152mm, 122mm, and 76mm artillert
  • Soviet heavy rocket battery
  • Soviet Katyusha battery
  • 82mm mortas
  • Scout platoon


  • Panzergrenadier company with 3 platoons
  • Panzergrenadier company with 3 platoons
  • 8cm mortar platoon
  • 15cm artillery battery
  • 10.5cm artillery battery
  • Nebelwerfer battery
  • 6 Tiger IE tanks from the 502nd I believe
  • 5 Panther tanks from the Muncheberg Panzer Div
  • 20mm AA platoon
  • 2 x 88mm guns
  • 4 x 7.5 cm PAK40 guns

There was no doubt who would win!

All artillery is off the board.  The Germans can only gain artillery by rolling a 6 for each battery every turn to represent the limited artillery.  Soviets dominated with artillery.

The canal bridges have been blown and only a roll of a 6 per bridge per turn would see the bridges be repaired.

The Battelfield.  Two German platoons are deployed forward to slow the Soviet advance.  No expectation of them returning to the lines.

Seelow Battlefield Start

Reference to flanks with be relative to the German lines.

Soviet Advance on the right

Seelow Right river cross

The German left.  The canal being a serious obstacle was overlooked by the Soviets.  It slowed and the units we no longer in good formation.

Seelow Left River cross

The Soviets are stalled on the right by artillery

Seelow right stall

However, the soviets maintain momentum on the German left.

Seelow Left advance

The Strelkovy were able to make a successful assault on the Left and the German troops are annihilated.

Seelow Successful assault

The German line braces for the next assault

Seelow defenders Brace

A view of the battlefield

Seelow Battlefield Mid point

The Soviets are able to get the bridge repaired on the Right.

Seelow Bridge (1)

Soviet Heavy tanks arrive to support the drive

Seelow Bridge (2)

The lead tank is destroyed on the bridge.  The Soviets had to pass a skill test to move the tank off the bridge.

Seelow Bridge (3)

The left continues to advance with the repair of the left bridge and the arrival of a company of T34s.  The T34s represent the impatience of Zhukov.  See the success of Konev on the southern flank of Berlin he rushed his tanks into the battle in an attempt to speed of the breakthrough.  It only results in chaos, casualities, and a lot of stuck tanks.

Seelow Left continual advance

The Right sees more Soviet tanks in an attempt to shore up the resolve of the Soviets.  By this time in the game the Soviets have lost approximately an entire battalion of strelkovy.  The second echelon which consisted of the sappers is being ground up in the meat grinder.

Seelow right stall again

The Soviets begin to amass enough fire power on the Left and engineers will soon start removing the minefields.

Seelow tanks on the left

However, German reinforcements arrive and start pounding on the Soviet tanks.  The Tigers take out a number of tanks and the German PaK40s assist.  The 88mm battery only killed 1 tank the whole game.  Soviet artillery had gutted much of the original AT assets.  This actually goes contrary to history and reflects maybe I should have kept them in ambush instead of targets from the beginning.

Seelow cat fight

The Tigers lose this match due to the sheer number of Soviet tanks and artillery.  The Soviet troops then make the final assault on the LEFT.

Seelow final assault

A truly massive game  and I think captured the feel of the enormous odds against the Germans.  Soviets losses were massive in the infantry category (4 companies).   The Germans lost 4 platoons plus the tigers, PAK 40s, 88mms.  Actual loses are thought to be 30,000 Soviets and 10,000 Germans.

Soviet memorial Seelow1

Having stood on the fields, it was a daunting task to assault the Seelow Heights. Then the Battle for Berlin was next.  I dont have enough big buildings 😦  any donations?

Soviet memorial Berlin1

Some additional photos






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  1. Nice looking game and vehicles.

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