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Here is a quick synopsis of what I have been reading and my 2 cents!


The desert War

This is an interesting read on the desert war from the perspective of a journalist written right after the campaign.  The book has a very English perspective on the war.

Brothers Rivals Victors

I never wanted to read a book on generals.  I always preferred reading about the battles or the soldiers that fought them.  However, my perspective has just changed.  I picked this book up on the recommendation from a friend at work and it is an amazing piece of work.  I recommend this to all who have an interest in US campaigns in Africa, Italy, and Europe during WW2.



Retribution: the Battle for Japan 1944-1945 by Max Hasting

Information:  Overall a good analysis of the Pacific War.  The narration is quite good and I would recommend as a good overview of the last few years of the PTO.

An Army At dawn

The Liberation Trilogy… I have read it and now listened to it through audible.  Recommend either media.  Always good!

The Rising Sun

I cannot say enough about this book.  I have listened to it twice.  I have not read it, but I want to.  It has a great deal of detail from both the US and Japanese perspective.  The Japanese perspective takes the prominent role in this book and it is quite enlightening..

Leyte 1944

So many details.  I think I would rather read than listen to this book as these are the details I want in order to develop scenarios for war gaming.  Narration is average.

Red Storm Rising

I read this as a teenager in the 80s.  A good book on the hypothetical WW3 confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, but with an emphasis on the Navy battles around Iceland.

I am also listening to a number of the Great Courses Audible books:

A great amount of detail presented in a University lecture format.


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