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It has been an insane 5 months since I last posted.  Work has keep me on the road almost continuously.  I have been modelling and I have actually plated a couple games of Flames of War at the local shop in Mainz.  Below is most of my progress since January sitting ready for matte varnish.

WIP May 2016

As usual, I have started working on way more than I could ever get done in a reasonable time (a week or two).  I originally started with the intention of building up my Team Yankee forces.

  • 15 T72s (4 x Zvezda, 1 QRF, and 10 x BF)
  • 5 T64s (QRF)
  • 4 BMP 2s recon with camo (3 QRF, and one from somewhere I forgot lol)
  • 5 BMP 2 for troop transport (Battlefront)
  • 2 SU25 Frogfoot
  • 2 MI24 Hind
  • 2 A10 Warthog
  • 2 AH1 Cobra
  • 2 ZSU 23
  • 2 SA 13 Gopher
  • 3 BM-21 Hail
  • 3 2S1 Carnation
  • 2 M163 VADS
  • 2 M901 ITV
  • 1 M981 FIST V
  • 2 M577
  • 1 M577 Objective
  •  11 M113 (2 x with Dragon missile)
  • A 2 company Soviet Motor Rifle Batalion

I had a few odds and ends WW2 stuff

  • 8 T34/85mm with 76mm turrets
  • 5 KV1s
  • 4 M36 Jackson
  • 1 Puma

And then PTO comes out….

  • Repaired and rebased my Japanese and USMC Rifle Companies
  • New SNLF Infantry platoon
  • New SNLF HMG platoon
  • New Nikuhaku teams
  • 5 Type 95 light tanks
  • 2 section of Japanese 75mm Artillery guns
  • 7 LTVs with both 75mm and 37mm

Oh and 5 Ariadna grunts for Infinity and 2 dudes for Zombiecide!

There are also 1 Tiger I (28mm for BA) and one T34/85mm (28mm for BA) sitting on my desk about 85% complete.

Now that I have liberated my camera from my wife, I hope to take photos of each of the units above as they are finished.  Plus I need some shots of the 21st Stug Batterie I completed, but failed to show off!

Team Yankee still in the box:

  • 15 BMPs (14 for BMP 2 and 1 BMP 1 observer)
  • 5 T72
  • BF M1 box (1 M1A1 and 4 M1s)
  • 2 packs of US Mech Infantry

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  1. Looks awesome! Glad to have you back!

  2. Thanks! I just need to take smaller bites when modelling and gaming. I always end up being over my head in the number of models that I can get done that I dont get to blog.

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