Japanese Forces for Flames of War (Banzai Edition)   Leave a comment

I have a hard time saying no to new shiny models.  In this case my excuse was I dont have a Japanese Special Naval Landing Force!

Well here it starts.  The first platoon of SNLF troops and a platoon of HMGs.  Now I need to find two more BF platoons.  An observation is that the BF figures are significantly thicker than Peter Pig.  I think the Peter Pig miniature better represent the Japanese solider at the time with respect to size.

Two sections of Type 38 75mm guns.  Assembly was a bit more tricky than usual for BF.  There are no instructions.

Japanese 75mm Artillery

A platoon of Type 95 Light tanks.  I used the Vallejo Parched grass base color and then airbrushed Vallejo Air Tank Brown and Vallejo Air Camo Green.  I wanted this to be a later war unit without the yellow stripes.  Very easy to put together, minimal cleanup, and great looking overall.  I can recommend these models.

Japanese Type 95 light tank

Future plans include the following models to purchase:

  • Type 98 20mm AA gun
  • Mitsubishi Zero
  • Hohei Chutai
  • Type 96 150mm gun




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