US Forces for the Pacific (Gung Ho Edition)   1 comment

The question here is… how much do I expand my Pacific Theater Forces?

US Amtrac (1)

The Answer is “of course I need one more USMC company and support”

Gators Amtracks

Gator’s Amtracks is the starting point.  Never mind that I already have a full USMC rifle company and battalion level support plus all the other US equipment that can be used in the PTO.  The option to switch between the 75mm gun, 37mm gun, or no gun as a transport is an awesome benefit!

Future plans:

  • 3 Platoons of USMC infantry (so I can have a battalion minus level battle)
  • The Corsair model of course!
  • Another platoon of M4A2s.  Why not?  Hey does anyone know if the M4A2 with the flamethrower was structurally different than the vanilla M4A2?
  • More LVTs for troop transport only
  • I will probably need a second set of battalion level MG/mortar support for the second rifle company
  • 20mm AA
  • Rocket Launchers
  • War Dogs!

I dont want create a post only for the M36 Jacksons.  I wonder if they were used in the PTO?  Great models.  This should round out my tank destroyers.

US M36 Jackson


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  1. These look great!

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