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With the 72 year anniversary for Market Garden this year, our gaming club decided to go with two battles Hell’s Highway and Nijmegen Bridge.  I was tasked with the pleasure of designing and setting up the Nijmegen table.  My  son and drove across the bridge in 2015 and the picture shown is looking south over the River Waal.


The critical set piece was the bridge.  Gamecraft Miniatures sells the 15mm scale Arnhem bridge.  Both the Arnhem bridge and NIjmegen bridge are relatively close in type of bridge.  I set out to buy the bridge and the extensions for the bridge.  The limiting factor was the 9′ x 6′ table I have for the battle.  With the main section of the bridge, two extensions, and the two ramps I had to build myself, I would be looking at a 10 foot bridge.  Given the limitations of the play space, I had to forego the two bridge extensions and use the ramps connecting to the bridge.  Long story short, this in no way will be an exact replica of Nijmegen.


I had to scratch build the ramps and road connection piece.  I used matboard, but probably should have used plywood.

I took some liberty in the placement of the buildings, trees, farms, and roads.  However, I think overall I have captured the feel of the battle field.

The River is made from blue felt with brown latex paint on the sides.  I did airbrush some current lines.


Building Manufacturers:

  1. Battlefront
  2. Landmark
  3. 4 Ground
  4. Gamecraft (I plan on painting them before the game if I have time)
  5. JR Miniatures
  6. Crescent Root
  7. Miniature Building Authority.

Roads are JR Miniature and Battlefront

A little perspective… you can see a Battlefront 15mm Sherman V crossing the bridge.  The tank is from my daughters first tank company.  It will be the Scots Greys from the 4th Armoured Brigade.  We are still waiting on decals.  I will be using my Guards Armoured company that is complete.


The battlefield will most likely follow this layout and we will use the No Retreat mission from the FOW main rule book.  Originally, we were to use the surrounded mission, but I think No Retreat matches this map the best.


The game is set for next weekend.  Any comments or suggestions to improve the map would be great.


2 responses to “Nijmegen Project

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  1. Wow! That’s awesome! Wish I could play on that. Be sure to leave a AAR!

  2. Working on it. Just need my son to write up the AAR for his battle for Hell’s Highway

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