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This year the gaming club selected two battlefield scenarios to run for Market Garden.

Hells Highway (1).JPG

Hell’s Highway

  • Mission: Surrounded
  • Points: 2000 per player (4 players)
  • Armies:  30 Corps vs Mixed German Panzers and Grenadiers
  • Special Rules:  All grassy terrain is slow going.  Both sides have reinforcements rolling in on a 4+

SITREP: German forces have broken through and severed the road at a critical hill along the corridor now named Hell’s Highway or the main road between Eindhoven and Nijmegen.  The objective of the 30 Corps units is to regain control of the road and clear the hillside.


30 Corps armoured forces were deployed on both the northern and southern sections of the bridges with German units deployed in the center.  German reinforcements are limited to the West and Eastern edges of the board.  Allied forces can enter on the Northern and Southern.


Turn One objective of the Allies was head for the objectives in the center of the table.  One tank commander moved his units directly up the main road in full bravado! The other commander attempted to sneak around via the forest side.

Hells Highway (6).JPG

The Germans deployed a blocking force in the fields.  The tank commander had to slowly dig out the defenders as they were equipped well with AT weapons.

Hells Highway (10).JPG

Lucky 88mm shot on a Cromwell.


An overview of the movement of British tanks.  The two upfront didn’t make their bogging checks!


Allied smoke is used to limit the fire by the German forces in the fields.  However, the Germans have rolled well and you can see Tigers and Jagdpanthers on the battlefield as reinforcements.   A lucky shot by a Sherman Firefly destroyed the German Panzers on the road!


German Aircraft, 88mms, and Tigers light up the Cromwells!


A Typhoon attempts to take out some closely packed Tigers.  Failed to range in!


The Germans halted the British objective of opening Hell’s Highway.


///////////////////////////////// BREAK /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



  • Mission:  No Retreat
  • Point 2000 per player (4 players)
  • Armies 30 Corps and 504th PIR vs German Grenadiers and a SS fortified company
  • Special Rules:  All grassy terrain is slow going.  Both sides have reinforcements rolling in on a 4+

SITREP:  The 504th PIR and 30 Corps units have been successful at capturing the rail bridge over the Waal at Nijmegen.  The 504th PIR is to immediate capture the north end of the vehicle bridge and 30 Corps units are to capture the southern end and reinforce the 504th on the northern side of the bridge.  German units will put up heavy resistance to prevent the capture of the bridge and allow a means for forces trapped on the southern side to withdraw in order.


30 Corps Forces were deployed in the southern section of the town against the SS fortified company which deployed in the park adjacent to the road bridge.  504th PIR were situated in the rural area on the northern bank against the German Grenadiers.


Only a veteran player would deploy so well that artillery could only hit one unit at a time and yet each unit is in contact with the Company Commander.  Well done!


The 504th pushed its recon element forward and was able to harass the German forces for two turns until the PaK40 ambush and the StuG G reinforcements were able to annihilate the platoon.  The armored jeeps survived a fusillade of MG42 fire only to die to AT guns.  Overall, my plan was to wear down the German forces using artillery until I was in a position to launch an assault.


The artillery park with Brit 25 pdrs, 504th 75mm guns, and 81mm Mortars that were able to smoke the Pak40s successfully every turn they fired.  Unfortunately, all this artillery was unable to dislodge my foe.  The artillery on the other hand was quite useful in destroying 3 tanks on the other side of the board.

nijmegen-17 With a platoon of StuGs barreling down at the 504th, Pak40s which have nasty HE, and two HMG platoons in the front (1 was in ambush), I had to face the tank threat first.  Luckily 30 Corps rushed some reinforcement across the rail bridge.  We played a couple turns of long range duels.  Ulitimately, the 30 Corps tanks won out against the StuGs, but a lucky shot from the SS Jagdpanzer across the river knocked out a Sherman V.  It was quite the feat!

Nonetheless, with only a 3 foot front heavily defended by HMGs, PAKs, and a grenadier platoon bristling with panzerfausts, we thought it would be more advantageous to push harder on the southern side of the river.  Airpower, artillery, and two platoons of infantry were tasked to help the south.


The objective on the southern portion of the board was to dislodge the SS forces from the park.  The SS forces were a fortified company with artillery, 88s, and quite a few tanks.  The tactics here was to blow a hole in the defense and push forward toward the bridge.  The primary target in the beginning was to annihilate the 88s.  It took several turns, but this was accomplished.


Once the 88 threat was removed the Shermans rolled forward and started blasting the SS lines.  The AOP hovered above like a modern day drone, but the line held.  One infantry assault was bloodily destroyed literally and then the panzer came to fortify the lines.


The Panzers didn’t last the game against the combined forces, but they prevented the 30 Corps forces from mounting a focused assault on the SS lines long enough for the clock to run out.

Nijmegen (10).JPG

The victors!  They actually held the Nijmegen road bridge.  There would be no rescue for the British Para trapped north of the Rhein.

We didnt an analysis of the game after the victory celebrations.

  1.  Given the size of the available space (3 x 6) for each side that could be used for combat, the point level was too high.  Perhaps 1000 or 1500 would have been better.
  2. The attacker had half of the forces off board as reinforcements.  It limited the momentum available during the first turns of the game.
  3. However, we all enjoyed a really historically matched game and will try again next year with improvements!

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  1. Great battle report!

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