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Borrowed from the scenario for Cafe Schinker:

Situation: Situation: The 39th Fusilier Regiment is the southern prong of the 26th Volksgrenadier Division’s push towards Bastogne. Fusiliers have crossed the Our River in the early morning hours of December 16th, 1944. Their immediate objective is the town of Café Schinker. The town is defended by “L” Company of the 110th Infantry Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division. The US must try to hold on tow the town, while the German Grenadiers must quickly break this position to clear the way for the Panzers pf the Panzer Lehr Division when they start crossing assault bridges being erected across the Our River.

Important rules:

  1. Rockets Across the Our
  2. Mud
  3. Fog (first time playing night or fog)
  4. Prepatory bombardment

US 28 ID (Defender) Perimeter Outpost

  • Outpost HQ
  • Outpost Platoon with mortar nest, HMG nest, and minefield
  • Outpost Platoon with mortar nest, HMG nest, barbed wire, and minefield
  • Outpost Platoon with mortar nest, HMG nest, and barbed wire
  • Outpost fortifications (2x minefield and 1 barbed wire)
  • Mortar Platoon
  • Field Artillery battery
  • Anti Aircraft Artillery (SP)


German Forces:  26th VG Volksgrenadier Kompanie

  • VG HQ
  • VG Sturm Platoon
  • VG Schutzen Platoon
  • VG Sturm Platoon
  • VG Mortar Platoon
  • VG Machine gun platoon
  • VG Heavy Mortar Platoon
  • VG Scout Platoon
  • VG Rocket Launcher Battery
  • Firestorm Medium Artillery Battery
  • Firestorm VG Sturm Platoon

The main combat platoons I completed over a year ago and used baking soda for the snow.  I rushed the HMG and scout platoon this weekend and used GW flock snow.  Both look good, but I think I prefer the GW snow.  I will try the Woodland Scenics out soon.  I did not like the Gale Force Nine snow as I thought it was too much like grains of sand.  I am currently working on a US Winter Infantry Company.


Comments:  As the US force I deployed a little too heavy on the North side of the Battlefield.  US side is West and German side is east.  My objective was to funnel the German forces through the center know they would probably attack the weaker southern section which I was hoping would stand until reinforcements.


The German Volksgrenadier deployed how I had expected them to deploy.  Actually seeing the deployment I started to sweat!  Maybe my right flank was way too light.  I could imagine the platoons leaders in December 1944 worrying about the same  situation.


The Volksgrenadiers got the spearhead movement because of the scout platoon.  This was a bonus for the German player.  It turned out to be only an extra inch, but it would be a game breaker.  The German main thrust on the left seemed to just swarm over the barbed wire.


The hold platoon on the right wasnt so lucky and spent the entire game pinned down after a casualty to the minefield.

Artillery proved zero value because of the fog.  The 81 mm mortars were able to strike twice but failed to range in.  Count the rest out!


The German player was able to get into assault range by the second turn.  A combination of the spearhead 1 inch, passing most barbed wire skill checks, and Stormtrooper brought them into range.  Two platoons were able to assault.  The German third platoon was handily knocked back with 7 hits.  However, the US Platoon lost its bearing and only had one hit on the scout platoon that assaulted.  Andrew was being super aggressive with his infantry.  He knew he had limited time to assault.

US Forces are kicked out with 4 causalities and then regroup in the woods by the objective.  I was hoping they could hold out two more turn for reinforcements from the other platoons and possibly some offboard reserves!

Andrew pushed hard.  He pressed the assault with the VG Third Platoon.  The Third Platoon was able to kill 3 US teams.


However, the defiant platoon officer regrouped and counter assaulted killing one and the VG third platoon failed their counter assault roll!!!  MVP and possibly a medal of honor to the young LT. He did fail his platoon morale check (The 28 ID was reluctant after the brutal mauling at Hurtgen!)

At this point there was no way I could contest the objective anytime soon so we called it.  6-1 to the 26th VG

We live only a few hours from the battlefield, so are planning to go there soon and drive the area before winter sets in.  I think we will stop by the area of Cafe Schinker on the way to Wiltz and then Bastogne.  I think we will need another trip to see the Northern shoulder.

Comments on the battle:

  1. The fog / night rules really change the dynamics of infantry battles
  2. I should have balanced the weaker side with more obstacles and HMGs.
  3. With respect to placement of the trenches I should have ensured that no assault could have happened by the 2nd turn. Another inch to the rear would have given me one more turn and maybe reinforcements plus day!




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