Battle of the Bulge 1984   Leave a comment

What if in 1984 the Soviets pushed hard through Germany and US had to defend the Ardennes!  Also how would a Team Yankee game flow on the same table as my recent Bastogne Game!



Soviet 2nd wave forces are pushing into Luxembourg against the tired US forces.  REFORGER troops from the Netherlands are reaching the battlefield.

US Forces:

  • US Mechanized company HQ
  • US Mechanized platoon
  • US Mechanized platoon
  • ITV AT Platoon (2)
  • A10 Warthog (2)


  • US Armored Company HQ
  • Armored Platoon (4)
  • Armored Platoon (3)
  • M163 VADS AA
  • Cobras (2)

Soviet Forces:

  • Battalion HQ
  • Tank Company
  • Tank Company
  • BMP2 Motor Rifle Company
  • BMP2 Recon
  • Carnation battery
  • ZSU 23-4 (2)
  • Frogfoot
  • BMP1 OP

Scenario: Hold the Line

Weather:  Fog, cold, and rain.  Night rules for fog

Ground:  very wet!!!


I mean very wet! Soviet Cross roll is +3 with a +1 modifier for night/fog.  It seemed like half the force was bogged down every turn.  At least they automatically remount every turn 🙂


First kill goes to a US dragon team.  Good against BMPs, not so good against T72 unless you are lucky!


The ITVs deploy from Ambush… they dont do crap all game.  Either they cannot see anything or the rolls are horrible!


US M1s arrive.


Oh and more M1s


The Flames of War as the battlefield erupts!


The Soviets try a tank assault on the US right flank of infantry… bad idea!


An infantry assault on the left goes the same way.  +5 for assaults is horrible!


Soviet ZSU 23-4 get lucky with a Cobra kill.  The second Cobra in the flight calls it quits and retire from the battlefield.


Still more carnage on the battlefield.  Maybe this is the Soviet third wave and not the second!


A couple frogfoot arrive now that the sky is clear.  I assumed all aircraft were not all weather.  Something BF will have to address because some were and some were not.  They manage to bail one M1 with a AT 27!


Not to be out done the US Air Force arrives and destroys one T72


The Soviets shift their thrust to their left.  It is easier to pass the +3 cross check than the +4 with the fog finally gone.


The tide turns with some lucky shots.  The T72 is on the objective.


Two T72s that refused to die and were bailed so many times I cannot count (including passing their morale checks) finally manned up in their tanks and were able to knock out two M1s on their right with the assistance of the Carnation battery getting one kill.  The armored company commander calls it quits.


The mech infantry commander has a WTF moment and orders a withdraw.


What an intense battle!  So many burning Soviet tanks and APCs!  How did the US lose 5-2?  Luck of the dice?

Soviet forces are horrible at assault.  Maybe if I lined up more forces, but the +5 assault rating of pretty much all forces makes it suicidal.

Cobras are fragile.  Keep them far far away from AA.

Need more ITVs.  Two did nothing.  Perhaps with 4 the odds are significantly better.

The Dragon missle system can get lucky against a T72, but should concentrate first on BMPs which are easy prey!



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