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Turn 3 or Week 3 of the Bastogne Campaign Continues.  This week I juggled between Longvilly and Lollange.  I picked Lollange because it has an interesting story with Company G from the 110th Infantry Regiment.


I have three Audible Books on the Battle of the Bulge;

A Time for Trumpets:  The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge by Charles MacDonald

Battle:  The Story of the Bulge by John Toland

Snow and Steel:  The Battle of the Bulge 1944-1945 by Peter Caddick Adams

I am currently on A Time for Trumpets which is a great reference so far.  I preferred the reader in Battle and the way the book was laid out, but A Time for Trumpets has far more detail.  The section in A Time for Trumpets on the Battle at Lollange describes almost two battles;  a battle between Company G of the 110th Infantry and a company of Panzergrenadiers and a battle at Antonioushof with Task Force Rose and major elements of the 2nd Panzer Division.  I decided to zoom in and go with the infantry action around Lollange.

An interesting incident with Company G and its assigned forward observer team came to my attention.  Apparently, the 2LT of the forward observers was totally freaking out and actually sabotaged his own equipment later on the afternoon after the Panzergrenadiers and StuGs attacked to convince his sergeant to retreat.  Eventually the sergeant agreed when the 2LT was visibly shaking with his pistol pointed at him.  The sergeant then figured out the 2LT had sabotaged the equipment and was going to turn him in.  However, once they arrived back at the 2LT checked in and was promptly arrested.  I guess the COL saw right through him as usual for good O6s!  This would make a great special rule:

Sabotage:  Every turn the artillery and observers are on the table, roll a D6 starting the first turn available and then adding one additional dice each turn after.  Any roll of a 6 will result in the observers retreating from the board.  This represents the 2LT getting more desperate every turn on the board.


Company G of the 110th Infantry Regiment was the last reserve company of the the 110th.  They were released and tasked with marching to Clervaux to link up with the HQ of the 110th.  However, during the march the Company Commander spotted some tanks and hunkered down.  A reconnaisance in the morning revealed that the tanks were indeed German Panzers, so the company started to withdraw.  The Germans noticed and sent some shells in their direction, but gave up soon after as their primary target was Task Force Rose at Antonioushof.  The Germans didn’t forget and sent a company of panzergrenadiers to rout the Americans.


US Forces (I just finished painting my US winter Rifle Company):

  • Company HQ
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Weapons Platoon
  • HMG Platoon
  • Mortar Platoon
  • 105mm Artillery
  • 155mm Artillery

I elected not to take the roadblock reinforcements as they would have been at Antonioushof with the engineers of Task Force Rose.

German Forces:

Panzergrenadier HQ

  • PG Platoon
  • PG Platoon
  • PG Platoon
  • PG Heavy Platoon
  • Mortar Platoon
  • Infantry Gun Platoon
  • Assault Gun Platoon

Plus Firestorm:

  • Platoon of Panzergrenadiers
  • Medium Artillery Battery

The mission was Hasty attack

Weather:  Fog rules plus the rain and mud rule.


My son was a bit preoccupied with Homework.  He has literally been at it since Saturday working on a project for High School.  So his attention was a bit distracted.  However, he decided to go with a frontal attack on the US Rifle Flank.  I would have chosen the left flank.


The German force advanced, but a lucky roll allowed the US HMGs held in immediate ambush with 24 inch visibility and then turn around and cause three kills to one of the PG platoons.  Was this going to be a WW1 type slaughter?


The Germans kept advancing and were able to pin down the HMGs.  On the US second turn the HMGs could only see 12 inches, so the advance was covered in mist.


The Germans received reinforcements on turn 3 in the form of 10.5 cm artillery and StuG assault guns.


The Panzergrenadiers were able to get into a position to assault on the third turn and cause some serious damage to the HMG platoon and a couple teams from the Rifle Platoon.  The US second platoon counter assaulted on the US turn and was wiped out.



The Germans moved to contest the objective on turn 4.  A US assault destroyed the 1st Panzergrenadier platoon, but the other panzergrenadier platoon also hit by the assault halted the US assault.  They then proceeded to dig in on Turn 5 and contest the objective.  With no reinforcements arriving and not enough resources to dig out the remaining platoon and deal with the other two attacking platoons, the US player was forced to resign.


I was a bit annoyed as the US player as I didnt get to use my new special rule!  Otherwise it was a very bloody assault game.

Result was a German win 5-2

I chalk it up to teen age luck.  Also, I have never had a freshly completed company ever win a battle.




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