No Retreat – Rachamps, Belgium   Leave a comment

Continuing with the Bastogne Campaign on the 4th Turn my club fought three missions; Rchamps, Bizroy, and Noville over the weekend.  This battle matched my US Tank Company against Veit’s (Sounds like Fight in English) Panzer Grenadiers from the 2nd Panzer Division.



The 2nd Panzer Division is attempting to push around the northern side of Bastogne.  The US 10th Armored  has to slow them down until reinforcements are brought into the battle.

Mission:  No retreat

Weather:  Fog, mud, and rain

US Forces:

  • Company HQ
  • Tank Platoon (Easy 8, Jumbo, 2 x M4A3)
  • Tank Platoon (2x Easy 8, Jumbo, M4A3)
  • Armored Infantry
  • Armored Mortar Platoon
  • Tank Destroyer Platoon (M18 Hellcat)

German Forces:

Company HQ

  • Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • Cannon Platoon
  • Infantry Gun Platoon (15.5 cm)
  • Anti Tank Gun Platoon
  • Panther Platoon (3)
  • Armored Artillery (Wespe) – FIRESTORM TROOP


First Kill goes to the German Cannon Platoon.  They come blazing around the corner and get a lucky kill on the mortar team.


Panzergrenadiers make an assault on the Church killing 4 US teams.  I blame the fog.  Hitting a veteran through fog on 5s was next to impossible for me.


US Tank Platoon makes the ambush.  The FOG rolls in and blocks their sight!


The Panthers make an end run around the Shermans!  Killing one M4A3


The Shermans take one kill, but redeploy to kill the Panthers… the FOG rolls in again.  The Sherman tanks are 6 inches away and cannot see the Panthers.  They can hear them and can smell the diesel, but cannot hit them.  This is just one of those moments in gaming where you know you are not meant to win.

My rolls were horrible for this game.  Any suggestions are removing a jinx from one’s dice?


The Panther commander laughs at the inexperienced US tanks and destroys two more Shermans.  They fail the moral check and take off.


Meanwhile on the other side the US Armored Infantry counter assaults the German Panzergrenadiers hiding in the church.  Its looking up for the US, but the infantry didnt stay long in the church as they are were pounded by the Wespes, cannon platoon, infantry, and PAKs.


The Hellcat platoon makes its presence felt and destroys the Panthers.  Again is the tide of war changing?


The game was now in the US favor until I made a very bad tactical move.

  1. I moved my Shermans next to the Church trying to knock out the Cannon Platoon.  I killed one and bailed the other.
  2. The next turn the Germans responded with a lucky kill on the Jumbo by the Infantry guns, the Easy 8 by the Wespes, one Hellcat by the remaining halftrack with a a 7.5 cm cannon, and then the final M4A3 with an assault by infantry.
  3. I tried to counter attack (killed one grenadier team), but my remaining infantry called it quits.
  4. At this time I had lost three platoons including my company commander.  GAME OVER

German win 5-2.

I played the Noville battle on Saturday and was slaughtered 6-1.  I need some luck or the US just might lose Bastogne!!










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