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I hope you all had a great 2016!

I going to take a whirl wind tour of what peaked my interest this year:

Miniatures in production:


Flames of War:

I was able to complete a second company of US Parachute Rifles painted in the M1943 uniform.  My previous company was in the M1942 uniform.  In my old age I am becoming too much of a purist.  I need to stop!!!


I completed a HMG and scout platoon for my German Volksgrenadiers in Winter Gear.  I tried a number of types of snow for the bases including GW, woodland scenics, and GF9.  Give my results I think I like the baking soda I used on the German Volksgrenadier Company and the GW snow.  The other two were too granular.  I just need to complete the mortar platoon.


To complement the Volksgrenadiers, I painted a US Winter Rifle Company with support weapons.  No winter tanks yet.  Please dont tempt me!


A couple new additions to my FOW Pacific armies completed years ago:  A Zero, Corsair, and a number of amphibs for beach landings.  Just need to get the terrain completed! Plus I have a BF Japanese and USMC company to complete.

I also completed a Stuka, but I guess I need more for V4.  Luckily, I originally bought the 3 aircraft set back in the day.


Team Yankee:

US Forces completed 10x M1 Abrams, 1x M1A1 Abrams, 4 M3 Bradley IFV, 10 M113s, 2 US Mech platoons, 1 M113 FIST, 2x M901, 2x M163, 3x M109 (from vietnam range), 2x A10 Warthog, and 2x AH1 Cobra




Soviet Forces completed include:  22 T72s (1x QRF, 6 Zvezda, and 15 BF), 9 BMP2, 2x Soviet Motor Rifle Companies, 1 BMP1 OP, 2 ZSU-23-4, 2x SA13 SAM, 3x BM 21 Hail Rocket Artillery, 3x 2S1 Carnation Artillery, 5x T64 (QRF), 2x SU25 Frogfoot, and 2x Mi24 Hind.


A platoon of modern US Infantry in MultiCAM.  The figures of from Khurasan Miniatures.


Bolt Action

75mm Field Gun and a 6 Para riflemen



14 Pan Oceanic, 4x Adriana, and 7x Nomads

American Civil War

1 Confederate Regiment and 3 Generals

Napoleonics (I am building them to play Black Powder and Sharps Practice)

  • 26th Regiment of Foot (missing 8 more regular line and the flag holders)
  • 24th Regiment of Foot (missing the grenadier and light companies plus the flag holders)
  • 79th Highland
  • 42 Highland (Front Rank Miniatures… great service and excellent minatures)
  • 95th Rifles
  • Battery of Royal Artillery

Miniature Games Played:

  • Flames of War (Bastogne Campaign was the highlight)
  • Team Yankee games.  (Soviets are a difficult list master)
  • X Wing Miniature Game
  • Bolt Action

Audible Books

  • A Time for Trumpets: An Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge
  • Battle:  The Story of the Bulge
  • Leyte 1944: The Soldiers Battle
  • Retribution the Battle for Japan: 1944-1945
  • The Revenant
  • Snow & Steel:  The Battle for the Bulge 1944-1945
  • Terrible Victory:  First Canadian Army in the Schedlt Estuary Campaign

Video Games:

  • Elite Dangerous
  • Star Wars the Old Republic
  • Civilization VI
  • Life is Feudal
  • Stellaris
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • The Division
  • World of Warcraft.

Board Games:

  • Imperial Assault
  • Zombicide
  • Zombicide: Black Plague
  • Lords of Waterdeep

2017 Focus – The crystal ball

Flames of War

  • USMC Rifle Company (Battlefront) Maybe make em Sea Bees?
  • Japanese Rifle Company (Battlefront)
  • Volksgrenadier Kompanie
  • Version 4 modifications
  • HS 129
  • More Stukas to finish for V4
  • WW1 Germans (they have been underway for quite a while)
  • Terrain for the Pacific
  • Smoke markers for destroyed tanks.

Team Yankee

  • Round out more Soviets
  • British Army Over the Rhine
  • West Germany Army

I am not sure about the East Germans yet.  I know there will be more Soviet and US lists coming!


  • Complete US Ariana Forces
  • Pan Oceanic Forces
  • Learn to play the game!  My daughter has been tasked to lead this effort.


  • Flag Bearers… need to create custom flag poles.  The ones with the Perry Brothers kits are too short for GMB flags
  • 24th Regiment (Grenadiers and Lights)
  • 26th Regiment (Line troops)
  • 14th Light Dragoons
  • 42nd Highlanders (a few more to go)
  • 79th Highlands (a few more to go)
  • The French!!

American Civil War

Going to stick with 28mm this year.  Need to build more regiments

American War of Independence

  • I have decided that 20 figures will be the standard size regiment for Black Powder instead of 16.  I will need to add a few miniatures to some of my regiments.
  • I have a few incomplete regiments that need to have the painting finished
  • Need to add flags.  I have them, but I have been lazy!

Dropfleet Commander

  • Starter set is on the way.  It will be one of two games I will start in 2017.  My personal rule is only 2 new games per year.
  • Will need another star mat.  Want a mouse pad material one.
  • What other miniatures should I add?
  • A space station good?

Star Wars

  • Will add Wave V ships to my Armada fleet and get some games in
  • Armada Corellian Conflict Campaign
  • Play some X wing games… no plans to add on although there are some options on my Amazon wish list.

Dark Ages and Medieval

  • I want to create several Game of Thrones themed armies from my existing figures plus a few add on (shh dont tell).  The objective will be to play in SAGA, Sword Point, or Kings of War.  I might explore Deux Vult.
  • I also want to try Frostgrave.  I have plenty of miniatures that can fill the role as a party.  I might need some more monsters and animals.
  • I have some Fat Dragon terrain I need to print.

Hail Caesar

Anyone want to donate me some Roman and Germanic miniatures!!  Unpainted.  Maybe this will be the 2018 game.

Board Games:

  • Kingdom Death – I supported the Kickstarter (given the cost this is my second miniature game for the year)  The kids and I are pretty excited to play this game.  I have to thank the guys at Beasts of War for effectively selling this game to me!  I resisted the first time.
  • Zombicide
  • Imperial Assault Campaign
  • Spartacus
  • Rebellion
  • Descent
  • Learn Netrunner with my daughter

Kickstarter (backed from 2016, but should deliver in 2017)

  • Battle System Sci Fi Terrain
  • Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Video Games

  • Star Wars the Old Republic
  • Elite Dangerous (maybe I need to sell some old minis to buy a VR system)
  • Civilization VI
  • Life is Feudal (anyone have a server? )







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