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I have been volunteered to host a Normandy game for our local club and a special visitor from the States.


We will have two tables.  The first will be Juno Beach (6′ x 7.5′) which is above.  We will have two Canadian companies landing here

Juno Beach

The Juno Beach map we will be using was inspired from the Battle Map on the Juno Beach Educational site.

juno-3 Maple Leaf Route D-Day Nan Beach

The mission will use the Hit Beach rules from the Normandy Battles supplement.  Key rules are:

  • Preliminary Bombardment
  • Interdiction (Turn 1- 2 defender must roll a +6 for reserves; no tank or mechanized)
  • Overwhelming force (unlimited infantry for the attacker)
  • No retreat, No surrender
  • Total Air Superiority
  • Delayed tank and mechanized (From Turn 3 defender can roll a +5 for reserves and choose infantry, guns, or mechanized; armor will arrive on a +6)  Armored reserves were very slow to reach the beach head.
  • Prepared positions

Currently forces will be:

  • German Player (1500 points)
  • German Player (1500 points)
  • 3rd Canadian Infantry (1500 points)
  • Canadian Armoured (1500 points)

I have a number of LCVP and LCM, but I just started printing the LCA used by Canadian and British forces


Pegasus Bridge


The second map is Pegasus Bridge (Standard 4′ x 6′) With two to four players.

I havent decided the mission just yet, but I will not use the glider landing mission.  The game will start assuming the Para have made it to the ground.

I used this photo to inspire the battle:

Pegasus Bridge Aerial

Aerial imagery at the time shows a lot of open fields with hedges.  I am going to open my sweatshop and force the kids to finish my hedges or they get no dinner!  I have over 20 of these printed hedge pieces.


I will also print out another glider.  They are the WACO type, but who care they look awesome.  I couldnt find the Horsa model to print nor do I want to spend a ton of money!



The 4Ground Pegasus Bridge kit took two days to complete.  It looks wonderful, but it was difficult to construct… like really difficult!!

Rules for Pegasus Bridge

Mission: Seize and Hold

  • Dawn
  • Night Training (UK normal movement at night)
  • Surprise (all defenders are pinned down or bailed out)
  • Reserves (Turn 1 and 2 for both sides +6 no armor) (From turn 3 infantry, guns, mech on +5 and tank on +6) represents slow movement from beach of tanks and German release of tanks into the fight.
  • Airborne reserves (both players hold 50% of forces off table)
  • Airborne scattered reserves
  • Linked battles (if Canadian Armour or Infantry breaks off the beach it can reinforce the Pegasus Bridge the following turn)

Photos from the Battles.

The Normany Beach landing turned into a 6 hour battle.  The Germans finally gave up the beaches, but the fight was hard.  Rommel was allowed to deploy Tigers and Panthers near the beach and the poor Canadians had no idea!

The Pegasus Bridge was a good fight against dug in infantry.  The scattered reserves made it difficult to concentrate forces.  However, the AT guns in the German rear made things difficult.  In the end the Germans failed their morale and left the field

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  1. Wow, You’ve done some great work! Thanks for agreeing to being volunteered!!!! 🙂

  2. I have to admit, this bridge looks amazing! I can´t wait to see it in person. Also thanks from me for being volunteered. 🙂

  3. I do love the way you have presented this particular matter plus it does indeed provide us a lot of fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, through what I have observed, I just simply trust as other commentary pile on that individuals keep on point and not embark upon a soap box involving the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this outstanding point and although I can not concur with this in totality, I regard your point of view.

  4. Thanks for sharing, great AAR and pictures. I am planning to run a Juno beach game set on the Nan white and red beaches , would you be able to provide the rosters for the game? Also how many waves of landing craft were there, number or units carried per landing craft, and armament of pillboxes?

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