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This year we have advanced in technology with the acquisition of a Lulzbot Mini 3D printer.  The printer is technically my sons (bday present from his gran), but I have been capitalizing on the use.  Andrew spent the first month with the device building a full size vex Mythoclast rifle from Destiny.

I have made a number of vehicles and terrain pieces.  My conclusion is that the 3D printer is ideal for terrain.  A couple more generations and it will be good for 15mm scale vehicles.  Having said that the vehicles are pretty good.  I downloaded a number of vehicles files from m_bergman on .

Below is a FAMO tractor.  Execellent model.  A ZIS fuel truck.  Really cool! and 3 Tetrarch for the Pegasus Bridge game we will have in a couple weeks.  I need to get them complete!


I also got in on the Kickstarter for the Printable Scenery Rampage project.  This company has amazing terrain to be printed.  Today I have printed the Barbarian House (below only sprayed painted)


The Winterdale Tavern which is a work in progress.  I am going to create a scene for the building.  It is huge!


In preparation for the Normandy game I am making more hedgerows, some gliders, and LCAs.

I havent only printed terrain, but I have bought some.  The 4Ground Pegasus Bridge took two days to complete.  It looks amazing, but it is a technically difficult model.  The mat is from Deepcut Studios with their river pieces.


My production in painting consisted of

  • 6 M3 Stuarts (3D Printed from m_bergman) there is one BF Stuart in the photo.
  • 4 Churchill AVRE (PSC)
  • M4A3 Sherman 76mm (Rubicon)
  • M8 Greyhound (Rubicon)
  • 10 Plastic US Paratroopers for Bolt Action (Warlord Games)
  • 12 Rohan Riders (Games Workshop)
  • 12 Warriors of Rohan Games Workshop)
  • Erkenbrand, Eomer, and a couple of other Captains. Games Workshop)
  • 2 ZSU-23-4 for Team Yankee (Battlefront)
  • 4 Rifle/MG teams with panzerfausts fro my Soviets
  • 1 IS-2 1944
  • 6 ISU-152
  • 20 Warriors (Fireforge Foot Sergeants) for Kings of War (Game of Thrones)
  • 20 Knights (Perry Miniatures) for Kings of War (Game of Thrones)
  • 4 17/25 pdrs for Flames of War Mid War V4

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