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I have always know You Tube was available and there was a good amount of content.  It just never peaked my interest because I had blogs and manufacturers sites to use for reference while painting.  That has all changed in the last couple months as I delved into research for the Samurai game Test of Honour… Wow there is some cool stuff out there!

A couple Samurai below from Warlord Games for Test of Honour with Plasticraft gate and walls.  They are a work in progress!


Metatron‘s channel provided much insight into not only Samurai, but medieval weapons and armor.

Metatron recommends Shadiversity as a site with more content on medieval weapons and swords.  I am also working on two Kings of War armies based loosely around the Game of Thrones.  Below is one unit of Lanister warriors (Fireforge Foot Sergeants) and two units of knights (Perry Agincourt knights).  Having played WoW and many other games where warriors in plate armor carried shields, I was shocked to find out that they did not carry shields.  The plate armor alone provided the same protection!!!  One group of the knights has shields.  Lesson learned… next two Stark knights wont have shields!IMG_9646

There is a great German company, Schildschmie, that makes shield transfers for Game of Thrones.

For Lets Play videos to guide me through new games these are great sites:

  1. Guerrilla Miniatures: great for Infinity, Shadow War: Armageddon, Frostgrave
  2. Beasts of War:  many games, but Dropfleet Commander stands out.
  3. GBHL Podcast:  great for LOTR strategy battles

Some other general sites:

  1. Sorastro’s Painting
  2. Tabletop Minions
  3. Eurogamer
  4. Punished Props Cosplay tutorials





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