Firestorm Red Thunder: Battle of the Tulips   Leave a comment

Sorry no pictures of Tulips!  However, it was one heck of a battle 🙂

My friend Brian and I have been putting together two new armies for Team Yankee.  He has been working on an East German Army and I have assembled a British Army.  They arent fully painted, I know it is a sin, but we wanted to see how this works.

BT-Airlanding and Milan

British Army Over the Rhine:

Irish Guards

  • Company HQ
  • Mechanized Platoon
  • Mechanized Platoon
  • Milan Section
  • Scimitar Troop
  • Spartan Mobil Milan Section
  • Abbot Field Artillery Battery
  • FOO
  • Rapier SAM section

Chieftain Armoured Squadron

  • Squadron HQ
  • Chieftain Troop
  • Chieftain Troop
  • Swingfire Weapons Troop

East Germany Army

Mission: Amsterdam Hasty Attack

Turn 1:  East German forces attempt a pincer attack on both flanks of the British with a holding force .  Dropping Air Landing forces in the town square and artillery bombardments on the two Command Chieftains.

BF_Artillery Bombardment

Turn 1b:  British response included a MILAN AT missile ambush and Chieftains rounds down range on the East German left flank.  Losses were 4 T-72s, 1 Carnation, and 1 Hind.  Brian is very good at saving throws!

BT_T72 Kill

Turn 2:  The East German forces try to hammer the Chieftain tanks and continue to flank the Abbots.  One abbot killed and a couple FV432.

Turn 2b:  Didnt know what to do with them the FV432s, so I decided to use them to harass the enemy.  They didnt do too well against the BTRs with the little MG.  The BTRs dished back some nast damage.  The Milan AT and Chieftains finished off one platoon of T-72s and the battalion HQ.  I launched a hasty assault into a building with two of the airlanding teams and won despite the risk.

Turn 3:  The East Germans continued their push around my left flank.  They kill off my Abbots.  Poor little dudes.  They didnt do much for me, but they died to a volley of T72 and BTR fire.  Just as I figured out I could bum rush the unguarded objective with my FV432s, the RPGs take em out!!!!

BT_EG run around

Turn 3b:  The Brits continue to kill off Carnations and BTRs on my right Flank.  I have only hurt one BRT on my left front.  This will come back to haunt me.

Turn 4:  The East Germans bring in more carnations and continue throwing down shots into the center.  They carnations have even tried frontal direction shots at the infantry and chieftains.  The threat of the MILAN teams in the rear or the East German flank attack caused Brian to redirect his infantry team to assault the church.  They didnt last long after the assault started!

Turn 4b:  I am still hanging in!.  No reinforcements yet, and I am starting to lose all my FV432 distraction.  Brian keeps trying to kill my Chieftains and despite bailing them a couple times, they are still driving around causing mischief.

Turn 5:  East Germans keep pushing the British left flank while holding the anvil in the center.  They assault my two teams on the bank of the impassable river removing them from play.

Turn 5b:  Carnation battery of six killed and second 2 T72 killed.


  • 2 East German T72 companies
  • East German Airlanding
  • Hinds
  • 1 Section of BTRs
  • Carnations
  • FV432 section
  • Abbot Battery
  • Milan Group and FV432s

Turn 6:  East Germans ratchet up pressure in the center and the British Left flank.  A hail of fire from the BTRs routes the British holding the houses around the objective.  The East Germans now contest an objective.

BT_Center Thrust

Turn 6b:  Wow how the tides of war change with a really horrible die roll.  I failed a morale check on my infantry platoon and I am now exposed.  I feel my opponent feeling jubilant at my disadvantage!  What could I do?  I have to reposition my forces to contest both objectives.  I did get a platoon of Chieftains on my far right.  I push them hard to take the unopposed objective way in the back.

Turn 7:  East Germans keep pushing in the center and my left.  Brian rushed in his BDRMs to try and kill my rapiers.  The BTRs try and kill my rapiers too.  The two SU25 refuse to come into the battlefield until they have been annihilated.    Result one rapier dead and one bailed plus the two still rolling.

Turn 7b.  I push my chieftains toward the enemy rear to take the objectives.  I did let Brian know.  I annihilate the BDRMs and a couple BTRs.

Turn 8:  WOW!!  Where did the SPIGOTS come from.  Three chieftains killed!

BT_Chieftain kill

Turn 8b:  After my chieftains are killed I push my scimitars to the enemy rear.  My other platoon of chieftains come in on my left.  All BTRs are now dead.  Actually all East German vehicles in my deployment zone are dead.  I know need to concentrate on the infantry and the last three carnations who keep escaping my wrath.  The tide has swung back!!

Turn 9:  SPIGOTS again!  three scimitars down.  I have laid so much fire into the SPIGOTS and they dont die… why not!@  I was so close!

BT_Scimitar Kill

Turn 9b:  I finally receive my last two reserves (Swingfire and Spartan MCT).  I rush them along my left to the unopposed objective on the left side.  Hasty attack is horrible!  9 turns to get my full force on the board.

At this time we called the game.  The East Germans had no way to stop the new reserves.  The one scimitar survive and the gun barrel looked right at the two carnations creeping up on it.  The last Brit infantry platoon was getting into position to hold both objectives.  Maybe I need a third!!  Maybe???? hmmm????


It was an intense game with many ups and down for both of us.  We came to the consensus that the T72s are not the best for the East Germans, the Carnations have a lot of potential, Brit infantry is like a porcupine of AT weapons hitting at my ranges, Chieftains dont survive side shots, and East German Infantry should come in bigger groups.

Hero of the Game:

  • East German – The SPIGOT teams (3 Chieftains and 2 Scimitars)
  • United Kingdom – The Chieftain HQ (survive many attempts and influenced my battle space greatly)
  • Honorable mention – The Rapiers.  No SU 25 set foot on board!!  We rolled the dice after the game and the two operational Rapiers wiped out both SU25s, so the threat is real.



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