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Over the last few months I have been focused on completing a Confederate and Union Army for use in Black Powder or other rulesets such as Longstreet and Sharps Practice.

Civil War Battlefield

All models are from Perry Miniatures at this time.  I bought the Battle in the Box American Civil War kit.  I then added a number of additional plastic Perry miniatures.  There are a few metal Perry Miniatures added into some of the regiments and one regiment almost all metal.

Union Army

Union Army

  1. Generic Federal Regiment
  2. Generic Ohio Regiment
  3. 114th Pennsylvania (Zouaves)
  4. 35th Indiana (Irish)
  5. 24th Michigan
  6. 7th Wisconsin
  7. 68th Pennsylvania (Scott’s Legion)
  8. Generic Federal Cavalry
  9. Artillery 4 guns

The generic Federal Regulars was completed last year.  The models are the from the Perry Miniatures ACW Infantry.  These were the first of the plastic ACW released from PM.  They come in a number of stances such as marching and skirmishing.  Personally, my impression is these figures are average in quality.

Union Federal Regiment

The generic Ohio regiment consists of a couple Perry metal ACW range, Plastic Union Army, and Plastic Union Army Skirmishing.  The later PM plastics are far better in quality.  This is one of my firing lines.

Union Scott Legion 68th Penn

The Zouave regiment was a nice painting challenge.  I randomly picked the 114th Pennsylvania because I liked their uniform.  Overall, the level of painting for the civil war miniatures is what I call table top standard.  I have too many projects to more into painting.  My son however, is just the opposite.  I can finish two regiments by the time he finishes one large miniature.  I used Army Painter soft tone on my regiments.  I dont think it worked well on the Zouave pants.  If I had to do it over, I would use a red wash.

Union 114th Pennsylvania

The 35th Indiana (Irish) used the general ACW figures marching.

Union 35th Indiana

The Iron Brigade Consists of the 24th Michigan and 7th Wisconsin at this time.  Scott’s Legion is in there for now until I build out the rest of the brigade.

The cavalry represents a regular union regiment using the plastic Perry Cavalry box

Union Federal Cavalry

I based the artillery on separate bases from the crew to allow flexibility in putting the right guns into the scenario.  Again these are from the Battle in the Box and one normal plastic box plus I had to buy one more sprue.  The Union artillery here has 3 inch rifles and 10 pounder Parrots.

Union Artillery

The Union generals consist of one plastic with binoculars from the Battle in the Box set and the rest from the Perry metal range.

Union Generals

The Confederate Army

Confederate Army

  1. Generic Regiment with National Variant Flag
  2. Generic Regiment with Confederate Battle Flag
  3. Generic Regiment with Confederate Battle Flag
  4. Tennessee Regiment
  5. Tennessee Regiment
  6. Alabama Regiment
  7. Texas Regiment
  8. Texas Cavalry
  9. Artillery

All flags are from GMB Designs.  The confederate Army is more or less generic.  GMB generally has only state flags for the Confederates with some specific regiments.  Overall my intention was to create general ACW armies to play any scenario.

The Infantry


Texas Cavalry

Confederate Cavalry Texas

Artillery with 12 pounder Napoleons.  Check Confederate Army photo

Future plan is to create two or three more regiments of infantry for each side.  I purchased a number of Sash and Saber Confederate miniatures to add variety to the army.  I have more than enough plastic miniatures to make at least two regiments for each side.  Now to play some scenarios!







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