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I have been a very busy bee the last couple month.  In addition to painting two ACW armies, TY models, and some Space Marines, I have painted some a number of other models.  First up an Imperial Roman Century (well only 20 dudes instead of 80)

Roman Century

The goal will be a Roman Legion and Barbarian Army (Celt, Gaul, or Germanic)

My daughter wants to play Malifaux, so we got the starter box.  She painted the Neverborn and I will play the Guild

I was able to finish some of my 3D printed terrain.  All from Printable Scenery

  1. Tavern
  2. Medieval House
  3. Stone Farm buildings (shown in LOTR photo minus walls)
  4. Barbarian House
  5. wooden walkways.  (some are three printed, some are from the LOTR Goblin town set, and some are just some I threw together for the first Hobbit Battle Company Scenario for Lake Town or in this case Marsh Town)

John in the photo above has just about every Games Workshop LOTR miniature ever produced.  We played a couple of the scenarios from the new Battle Companies book.  They were quite entertaining and I thought my Rohan unit would be wiped out a number of times.  Especially against the spiders.  Wish I had a photo.

The Church is almost complete

My daughter and I have always worked on some of the Mythic Battles: Pantheon miniatures.  I will try and post some tomorrow.




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