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My son has always been into Warhammer 40k.  He picked up the Dark Imperium, Know No Fear, and First Strike boxes over the summer at Historicon.  I know… its not exactly historical!!

Primaris Leadership

They have been in my painting drawers since summer.  To throw more variety into my painting spree and focus on ACW, I decided to complete these, so I can get a few games of 40k in my son.

My Space Marine chapter is called Storm.  I painted the flag to represent a lightning storm.

I have a box of Agressors and the repulsor coming.

My son is working on his Death Guard and just finished Mortarion.  He still needs to finish the rest of his Death Guard.  I will probably have to help him along!  He spent three days on this model.  In this time I was able to paint two Union regiments.


I also worked on some of the Death Watch guys.  My son bought the Death Watch Overkill box a couple years ago.  I was bored and added these to my Storm Chapter as liaisons to my Chapter.


Last model has been sitting around for years.  The Hunter/Stalker.  I was gave it the MERDEC camo paint scheme since I was already doing that for my Team Yankee army.  Looks interesting on a 40k model

Hunter Stalker



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