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Although my focus has been on the American Civil War Miniatures, I broke up the painting by working on a number of Team Yankee miniatures to support the new TY Stripes American book.

Stripes Photo

My goal is to build a USMC Rifle Company with tank support.

I took one of my unboxed BF Vietnam UH1 Hueys and painted it light grey for a more modern USMC paint scheme.  I will a few more of the new plastic UH1s to this one grey and a number of green models already painted.

TY Marine Huey

The LAV25 are well designed plastic models from Battlefront with a number of options.  This will be my recon section with the basic 25mm cannon.  I painted it in NATO tri color to use it for later periods.


The M60A1s are painted in the MERDEC paint scheme.  Again easy to put together and look great!  I have another box to put together.  Goal will be to have 12 M60A1s

TY M60A1 Patton

I had to add a CEV to my army because I work for as an engineer for US Army Europe.  Its not in the book, but it is an awesome vehicle with a 165mm gun.  The model is from QRF.


HMMWVs.  This gives me two scout sections for use with USMC or US Army.  Or I can use two for the improved TOW missile.  I have another box coming to add the Stinger crewed versions!  The models are very easy to put together.  The box does not represent the USMC variant as it does not have the snorkel.


The M901s and M163s have been built for a long time, but I just finished painting them!

Lastly, I had to get the SGT York anti aircraft system because of the Soviet ZSU and German Gepards


My next goal is to assemble two USMC rifle platoons, more M60s, and some AAVP7s

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