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No Retreat – Rachamps, Belgium   Leave a comment

Continuing with the Bastogne Campaign on the 4th Turn my club fought three missions; Rchamps, Bizroy, and Noville over the weekend.  This battle matched my US Tank Company against Veit’s (Sounds like Fight in English) Panzer Grenadiers from the 2nd Panzer Division.


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AAR – Hasty Attack at Lollange   Leave a comment

Turn 3 or Week 3 of the Bastogne Campaign Continues.  This week I juggled between Longvilly and Lollange.  I picked Lollange because it has an interesting story with Company G from the 110th Infantry Regiment.


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Battle of the Bulge 1984   Leave a comment

What if in 1984 the Soviets pushed hard through Germany and US had to defend the Ardennes!  Also how would a Team Yankee game flow on the same table as my recent Bastogne Game!


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AAR: Seelow Heights   3 comments

Seelow T341

I had the privilege to travel with my command on a Staff Ride to visit the battlefields associated with the Seelow Heights and the Battle of Berlin.  The Navy never had staff rides and it was an amazing experience to attend one as a civilian.

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AAR: Last Hope at Korsun Pocket, Ukraine   1 comment

The Korsun-Cherkasy Pocket was almost another Stalingard.  The Germany 8th Army which was part of Army Group South had been ordered by Hitler to hold a 100km salient in Ukraine.  A benefit of hind sight is we need to thank Hitler for being such an amateur general allowing his forces to be encircled and destroyed.  However, in the Korsun pocket it wasnt quite complete destruction.  The Germans lost many troops and almost all the heavy equipment, but the majority of the soldiers in the salient were able to escape through sheer determination.

Korsun Battlefield

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AAR: The Son Bridge   3 comments

SITREP: Royal Engineers have just completed the Bailey bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal and XXX Corps tanks are standing by to continue to Nijmegen.  However, elements of the 107th Panzer Brigade are attempting to cut the road at the new bridge in an effort to stall the Market Garden offensive.


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1st Armored Breaks out of Anzio   2 comments

This is a unique game in that it was a demo for a number of my son’s friends and one of their dads’.


Mission: Free for All

The mission is based around the breakout in May 1944 from the Anzio beach head by the US 1st Armored Division which faced the Hermann Goering Division.

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