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Panzer Company: Panzer IV H 2nd SS Das Reich   Leave a comment

This is my second Panzer IV H company.  I felt compelled to pick up two boxes of Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs.  I supplemented the PSC with two Peter Pig Panzer IV.

PamzerIVHcompany (4)

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The late war Panzer IV Comparison   1 comment

Over the years, I have accumulated a fair number of Panzer IV tanks.  Mostly from Battlefront, but with the release of PSC tanks I added another company of tanks.  Then I got to thinking… wouldn’t it be cool to see how other manufacturers stack up against Battlefront.  In this post we will look at the Battlefront Panzer IV H with metal schurzen, Battlefront Panzer IV H with plastic schurzen, Battlefront Panzer IV J, Plastic Solider Company Panzer IV H, Peter Pig Panzer IV H, Quality Castings Panzer IV H, and the Old Glory Panzer IV H.


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A Collection of StuG III Gs   2 comments

I seem to have a strange addiction… I like to collect StuG III G models.  Luckily, this addiction has only manifested its self in 15mm plus one 1/48 scale model that I have not assembled yet.  Whats next after 1/48 scale?  will it ever end?  Perhaps my wife can accept the fact that I can sell the house and buy a real working one.  Not sure she would be happy because, I wont be able to drop the kids off at school in it!

stugarmy (15)

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December 2012 Paint Barn Recap   2 comments

I wasn’t completely inactive over the last couple months.  Here are a few photos of the miniatures I have completed during November and December.

Buildings (8)


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Messerschmitt Me 262 from Model Power   Leave a comment

I picked up this little gem earlier this year for less than $10.  I have a horrible habbit of buying toy soldiers with steep discounts.  Here you see the ME 262 attacking a Peter Pig Sherman Calliope which I also just finished to give me a full battery (2 BF and 2 PP)

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The Mighty Peter Pig Maus   Leave a comment

My kid likes big tanks and the bigger the better.  Ever since he started playing World of Tanks he has gotten a good sense of the types of heavy tanks that were in production and those that were in design during WW2.  I have not been able to find an US T29 heavy tank in 15mm scale yet, but I was able to find a German Maus heavy tank and Russian KV5s and KV3.

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Peter Pig Sherman M4A3 76mm with sand bags!   Leave a comment

One of the most iconic photos of the Sherman in WW2 was with sandbags mounted as an effort to reduce the effectiveness of the panzerfaust.

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Sherman Model Comparison (WIP)   2 comments

I have alot of Shermans.  Mostly from Battlefront, but many from other manufactures including Peter Pig, Old Glory, and Plastic Solider Company.  I am going to attempt to show comparisons of the different models graphically to help my fellow gamers pick what is out there.  Its going to take awhile because I dont all the models I would want to compare yet, but I will start acquiring them just for you the reader!!

Here are the first tanks for comparison.  I had someone ask how the Peter Pig T34 Calliope compare against other Shermans.  Let me know which other shots are important to you to compare tanks and any recommendations for comparison.

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US Sherman T34 Calliope   2 comments

I picked this model up on a whim a year or so ago.  Hopefully, we will see it in an official Flames of War list soon.  I used a basic US armor paint scheme on this tank.  I might go back and airbrush some black camo spots on it.  From is from the wiki site. The rocket 4.5 inch M8 rockets were fired from a M4 Sherman

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Compagnia Bersagileri   Leave a comment

I purchased the Compagnia Bersagileri Army Box quite a few years ago with the intention of a quick turn around on a Mid War desert army to go with a DAK and Aussie army that I had.  Well priorities changed and I emphasized Late War armies for Flames of War over any other period.  With the release of North Africa I tried to get excited about the unit, but the structure changes to the AS42 company made it difficult because I would have to buy several AT guns and HMGs to complete the organization which were not included in the original box.  The original box was designed for the book Afrika.  I admit I was lazy, but it seemed a pain in the ass!  With the releasee of Hell Fire and Back I found the motivation to complete and expand the army.

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