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Flames of War Fallschirmjäger   1 comment

During World War II, the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) raised a number of Fallschirmjäger units. The Luftwaffe even built up a division-sized unit of three Fallschirmjäger regiments plus supporting arms and air assets, known as the 7th Flieger Division.

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Devil Dogs have arrived   Leave a comment

Its been a few months since I have last posted. I havent completely forgotten my miniatures. Slowly, a USMC rifle company has been painted over the last couple months. The company consists of 3 platoons, 1 weapons platoon, 1 x 81mm mortar platoon, and 1 x M1917 HMG platoon. There are some options including flamethrowers, snipers, and bazookas.

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