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More painting and more painting   Leave a comment

I have been a very busy bee the last couple month.  In addition to painting two ACW armies, TY models, and some Space Marines, I have painted some a number of other models.  First up an Imperial Roman Century (well only 20 dudes instead of 80)

Roman Century

The goal will be a Roman Legion and Barbarian Army (Celt, Gaul, or Germanic)

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You Tube Resources   Leave a comment

I have always know You Tube was available and there was a good amount of content.  It just never peaked my interest because I had blogs and manufacturers sites to use for reference while painting.  That has all changed in the last couple months as I delved into research for the Samurai game Test of Honour… Wow there is some cool stuff out there!

A couple Samurai below from Warlord Games for Test of Honour with Plasticraft gate and walls.  They are a work in progress!


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Modelling: Bolt Action Tanks   1 comment

I admit I have been lazy with respect to not posting, but I have been painting furiously.

Bolt Action (8)

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January 2013 wrap up   1 comment

This thread is dedicated to the miniatures I didnt think were worthy of their own thread.  I might even have missed a couple miniatures that I did, but oh well.  Sorry guys you just arent that important.

SDKfz7 (1)

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