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DAK Panzers   1 comment

The DAK panzers have been one of those long term projects we all have.  I bought most of the models at least 6 years ago minus the PSC half tracks and Panzer IIIs.

DAK Panzers

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Miscellaneous completed models for 2014   Leave a comment

Instead of creating a post for every odd model I complete.  I will post single models here.

First up… from the WWPD Normandy Campaign.  BF sent participants a free V1 rocket and launcher with camera crew.IMG_4262

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Posted February 20, 2014 by shermon15 in Battlefront, Zvezda

Zvezda ZIS 5 Truck   Leave a comment

On an impulse buy while at Brookhurst Hobbies, I bought two ZIS 5 trucks. Will find some reason to use them one day, but at less than $4 per truck I couldnt say “No”! I also bought the Panzer IIc models on the same shopping trip where I was only suppose to buy a few Italian models to complete my EW/MW Italian Bersagileri list.

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Early War Panzer IICs and Panzer 38(t)   Leave a comment

Well I have been very slow at creating an Early War Army for Flames of War.  I actually bought the Polish Army Box quite some time ago, but they are only primed and waiting for some paint.  However, tThe Early War German tanks are so damn easy to paint with the panzer grey color and especially when Battlefront releases a spray painted aimed at making it even more lazy.  Enjoy and leave comments.  Its quite a swarm of little tanks!

Paner 38(t) from Old Glory (Command Decision) on left and Panzer IIc from Old Glory (Command Decision) on right.  Both tanks have Battlefront tank commanders.

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