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WIP May 2016   2 comments

It has been an insane 5 months since I last posted.  Work has keep me on the road almost continuously.  I have been modelling and I have actually plated a couple games of Flames of War at the local shop in Mainz.  Below is most of my progress since January sitting ready for matte varnish.

WIP May 2016

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Flames of War Modeling – Mid Year update   1 comment

I have completed a number of FOW units this year.  The big one being the 5th Gebirgsjager Company.  I should have added beards to my miniatures!!

Gebirgsjager Photo

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American War of Independence – Mid year update   Leave a comment

Progress has been steady but slow over the last year on my AWI collection.  Word of warning… no flag as I have been LAZY!  I have beautiful GMB flags, but I keep putting it off.AWI painting Read the rest of this entry »

Modelling: Bolt Action Tanks   1 comment

I admit I have been lazy with respect to not posting, but I have been painting furiously.

Bolt Action (8)

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DAK Panzers   1 comment

The DAK panzers have been one of those long term projects we all have.  I bought most of the models at least 6 years ago minus the PSC half tracks and Panzer IIIs.

DAK Panzers

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Flames of War: 28th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment)   Leave a comment

What can I say I got sidetracked again…. I had a number of the plastic Battlefront Shermans from the new Open Fire Box, a couple PSC tanks unassembled, and two extra BF resin fireflies.  So what do I do? like any good gamer I come up with a new regiment to paint.  I already have a Guards Armoured Troop.    Originally, the idea was to just paint the tanks as Canadian and then use my existing British assets to round out any lists.


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Panzer Company: Panzer IV H 2nd SS Das Reich   Leave a comment

This is my second Panzer IV H company.  I felt compelled to pick up two boxes of Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs.  I supplemented the PSC with two Peter Pig Panzer IV.

PamzerIVHcompany (4)

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