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Star Wars Legion in the Workshop   Leave a comment

Star Wars Legion!  I have been waiting for this since 1977!  I just didnt know it because I was only 6 then.

SWL Banner

This will be my game for the year.  I will concentrate on building the two armies and terrain.

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Forget Napoleon! This is the year of Star Wars (SW Armada game)   Leave a comment

Taking a break from historical wargaming and zombicide, we broke out Star Wars Armada.  Originally, I was going to host a Battleaxe battle, but I found I need to do some homework before we attempt that battle.  I have no idea how to use a desert fort.  So instead of doing something with our significant others, we elected to attempt Star Wars Armada.  Of course we had to compliment our game with some high quality Belgian beer.  Affligem is by far my favorite Belgian.  The triple is best, but the blonde is really good on a hot a summer night.  Unfortunately, I dont have an Afflifem glass, so I apologize to my fellow beer drinkers.

Armada (1)

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