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Nijmegen Project   2 comments

With the 72 year anniversary for Market Garden this year, our gaming club decided to go with two battles Hell’s Highway and Nijmegen Bridge.  I was tasked with the pleasure of designing and setting up the Nijmegen table.  My  son and drove across the bridge in 2015 and the picture shown is looking south over the River Waal.


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Is making your own terrain cost effective?   3 comments

I originally created this post back in 2011 and I am updating my thoughts as of January 2013.  I still believe creating your own terrain can be cost effective, but the caveat is that  I dont think it is time effective.  I also think the durability of much of my own terrain is less than what I could buy especially products made out of resin.  I will continue to make my own terrain such as hills, but I am going to defer more complex terrain features to the professionals especially buildings.

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Scratch Built Buildings   Leave a comment

As I started to look into Force on Force, I realized I didnt have many buildings for an Afghan or Iraq battlefield.  To overcome this issue I decided to give a try at making my own buildings.  Well I have made one so far and I am happy with the results.  I think it can only get better from here on out.



  • Base plywood
  • walls and roof crayola 4mm foam board
  • Dry Dex spackly for walls and roofing
  • Sand for courtyard and roof
  • plasticard for architectural elements

My attempt at the door architecture resulted in me snapping the frame.  It looks a little ugly in this photo, but with the two foot rule it looks just fine.

One thing I learned from the attempt is the width of the roof needs to be 6cm to accomodate flames of war bases.  Will try making more buildings soon! 🙂

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