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1st Armored Breaks out of Anzio   2 comments

This is a unique game in that it was a demo for a number of my son’s friends and one of their dads’.


Mission: Free for All

The mission is based around the breakout in May 1944 from the Anzio beach head by the US 1st Armored Division which faced the Hermann Goering Division.

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The 36th Infantry at Paestum, Italy.   3 comments

Never heard of Paestum, Italy?  Neither had I until I put together this game.  Paestum is the Italian seaside town where the 36th Infantry landed during Operation Avalanche in September 1943.  Most people think of Salerno, but that is where the British Commandos and British X Corps landed.  Kesselring had anticipated the Allies landing near Salerno and had the 16th Panzer Division in the area to reduce any foot hold.  At Paestum, the US 36th Infantry went up against Kampfgruppe Doering which consisted of the 2nd Panzer Regiment and 79th Panzergrenadier Regiment.

setup (1)

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To Hell and Back with Flames of War   Leave a comment

I was inspired after watching Audie Murphy’s To Hell and Back to play another Italy themed battle.  I tried the US 3rd ID against German Grenadiers a couple months ago at 1500 points, so I upped the points to 1750 and kept similar army structures.

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Anzio – testing the 3rd ID list   2 comments

I have had the Dogs and Devils book for quite a long time and finally got around to putting together a battle with my son, Andrew.  He played the US with some of my help and I played the German 719th Grenadiers.  Ended up being a late night battle as we didnt even get the table put together until 11pm.  Good thing he is still on summer vacation!


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Third Battle for Cassino   Leave a comment

After reading the books “Day of Battle” by Rick Atkinson, the Osprey book on Cassino, and “Monte Cassino” by Matthew Parker, I wanted to develop and play a series of battles based loosely around the series of battles on the Gustav Line.   The first battle I wanted to playtest was based on the Third Battle of Monte Cassino where the II New Zealand Corps came close to taking their objectives, but stout German defensives and counter attacks stalled the offensive plus a myriad of planning and operational issues the Allies had.

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