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US Forces for the Pacific (Gung Ho Edition)   1 comment

The question here is… how much do I expand my Pacific Theater Forces?

US Amtrac (1)

The Answer is “of course I need one more USMC company and support”

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Japanese Forces for Flames of War (Banzai Edition)   Leave a comment

I have a hard time saying no to new shiny models.  In this case my excuse was I dont have a Japanese Special Naval Landing Force!

Well here it starts.  The first platoon of SNLF troops and a platoon of HMGs.  Now I need to find two more BF platoons.  An observation is that the BF figures are significantly thicker than Peter Pig.  I think the Peter Pig miniature better represent the Japanese solider at the time with respect to size.

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WW2 Japanese artillery and guns   5 comments

After quite a bit time checking online websites and posting on the Yahoo FOW PTO forum, I have found some good candidates for Japanese artillery, mortars, AA, and more AT guns.

It came down to two manufacturers:  Quick Reaction Force and Quality Castings found through the War Web

The 105mm Type 92 artillery battery is primarily a combination of Quality Casting packs to include:

  • Japanese Command
  • Japanese Artillery Crew
  • Japanese Type 92 guns

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Imperial Japanese Army   2 comments

It has taken me a very long time to finally complete this army. I first start collected Japanese miniatures at the 2008 Historicon and picked up the latest piece on Thursday.

The miniatures are a combination of command decision and Peter Pig. The Chi Ha Shinhoto tanks are Quality Casting. The Type 92 70mm and Type 94 37mm guns are by Peter Pig.

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Devil Dogs have arrived   Leave a comment

Its been a few months since I have last posted. I havent completely forgotten my miniatures. Slowly, a USMC rifle company has been painted over the last couple months. The company consists of 3 platoons, 1 weapons platoon, 1 x 81mm mortar platoon, and 1 x M1917 HMG platoon. There are some options including flamethrowers, snipers, and bazookas.

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