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QRF Russian T-80 BV with Explosive Reactive Armor   4 comments

One of my miniature dreams is to collect several modern (1980s +) armies with the goal of having a company or skirmish level battle.  I am not sure on which rule set would be the most viable.  I like FOW because I know the rules and it can be applied to modern vehicles.  However, I do have Force on Force and some modern forces already based for that game.  Plus there are probably a number of alternatives.  These are my first modern Russian miniatures.  I bought the T80 with ERA to compliment the Abrams tanks that I already have.

Russian T80 15mm (1)

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The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday   Leave a comment

Khurasan Miniatures recently released a pack of 15mm SEAL DEVGRU miniatures: 

15mm SEAL DEVGRU operators, OPS-COR helmets, wearing PVS-15 and face mask (eight models — six with HK416 (two with grenade launchers attached), one with Mk 14 EBR, one with M249, and eight separate Eagle Yote assault packs)

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Modern era Helicopters for FOW Vietnam and FoF   Leave a comment

My kids picked up a box with the new Battlefront Cobra helicopter.  The model was very easy to put together and I ended up modeling the airframe after the AH1G.  I used used the US armor spray from battlefront to put down the base coat.  Otherwise I followed the You Tube painting guide.  Overall the I am satisfied with the model as it looks nice and was easy to accomplish a good look.   I did paint a gloss on the canopy after I took these photos. 

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Force on Force Afghan War miniatures   Leave a comment

Unfortunately, I have been neglecting this site the last couple months, but I have a few updates today. 

I orginally started collecting modern miniatures to use in a modified Flames of War ruleset, but with the update and release of the Ambush Alley ruleset in the form of Force on Force I thought I would re-base my USMC miniatures for the FoF ruleset. The USMC figures are all Peter Pig including the HUMVEE. I am not impressed with my weathering of the HUMVEE so I wont show any closeups. I think it is too dark of a mud.

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